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That Wave
07:24 PM EDT - 23 July 2000

The wave mentioned earlier today still doesn't have any low level circulation, so its prospects are looking even less likely.
Updated Development Scale:

(forget it) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (sure thing)
There are waves coming Africa worth noting, but those must hold together to do anything. And development there won't happen soon. So back to nothing interesting.

I wanted to note that
NEMAS (NorthEast Media of Atmospheric Science) is now running daily real audio tropical updates which are pretty good. (Updated multiple times daily even). So that's worth checking out. The links page has been updated again too. Lots of links around to a lot of good information. We've also updated the About Page with info about us. Including a few pictures. (Very Few -- More will come)

satellite images at: [N.A. visible] (visible -- Daytime Only) [N.A. infrared] (infrared), and [N.A. water vapor] (water vapor)--Nasa source.

Some Forecast models: (NGM, AVN, MRF, ECMWF, ETA)
DoD weather models (NOGAPS, AVN, MRF)
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- [mac]

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Keep Watching (#1)
Posted by:
Richard Byett ( Location: England
Posted On 10:49AM 24-Jul-2000 with id (RQRNQSYNSTNTQ*)

I still feel that there are two areas we need to watch closely over the next day or two.... the disturbed weather to the east of the Bahamas is still holding its identity and is becoming a little more concentrated. And the 1010mb low in the Atlantic along 41W may yet provide something... latest imagery indicates a curvature towards the low of the convention located in the ITCZ.... we may have a july storm yet!

Two areas (#2)
Posted by: Steve H.
Posted On 12:02PM 24-Jul-2000 with id (QSRNRRXNWPNQX*)

Agree with you Richard, although nothing is imminent, I've been discussing these two areas for about a week now and it seems that something should get cooking in the Atlantic soon. The area east of the Bahamas has flared up again this am, but nothing terribly impressive, adn if it does develop, I wonder if it will pull to the NNW or get pushed westward under the ridge axis that is expected to move north of the FL peninsula. Are you communicating from England as in Great Britain? Didn't know you guys were interested i this stuff. Good to hear from our friends across the pond! cheers!

That system. (#3)
Posted by:
Mike C. [CFHC] ( Location: Newport News, VA
Posted On 12:58PM 24-Jul-2000 with id (RPVNRTVNRRPNRUP*)

I hate to keep flip flopping on that one, but again today it looks like its trying to do something. I'm going to wait until tonight to do any main page updates on it though.

I'm going out of town Friday and this weekend, so if the July storm happens, it's sure to be then. :)

- Mike C.

Wave off Africa (#4)
Posted by: Steve H.
Posted On 03:47PM 24-Jul-2000 with id (QSRNRRXNWPNQX*)

The Bahamas disturbance is forecast to get caught up in a developing trough in E. Cuba...we'll see. But what catches mt eye is the system south of the Cape Verdes that came off this morning. Could be Alberto soon...Let's see if it holds together. cheers

Cape Verde (#5)
Posted by:
Mike C. [CFHC] ( Location: Newport News, VA
Posted On 03:53PM 24-Jul-2000 with id (RPVNRTVNRRPNRUP*)

Hmm. You are right on that one. It'll be interesting to see if it holds up. If it still looks that way tomorrow, I think you'll be right.

- Mike

African Wave (#6)
Posted by: Steve H.
Posted On 04:53PM 24-Jul-2000 with id (QSRNRRXNWPNQX*)

New (12Z) AVN brings brings this low (wave) to near hurricane strength in 72 hours. It is the only model that recognizes it so far. Could be the ice breaker. cheers!

Still Quiet! (#7)
Posted by:
Richard Byett ( Location: England, United Kingdom
Posted On 10:00AM 25-Jul-2000 with id (RQRNQSYNSRNUW*)

Well i am inclined to agree with Steve. The wave that moved off Africa yesteray is still holding quite well and in my opinion may well develop... but will the low along 12N, 47W become Alberto? It has held its identity now for a few days... and should it reach the Caribbean then SST's are more favourable for development. Also of interest is the isolated activity associated with the wave over the SE Caribbean... should the subsidence ease then that too could very well flare up. I feel that we are not going to have to wait much longer for something to develop.

Waves (#8)
Posted by: Colleen Location: Lakeland, Florida
Posted On 10:23AM 25-Jul-2000 with id (RPUNQXXNQYYNRPP*)

Mike C, you are right...if anything does happen, it will happen next week while I am in Hilton Head SC for vacation....go figure.

Stuff Cont'd (#9)
Posted by: Steve H
Posted On 12:09PM 25-Jul-2000 with id (QSRNRRXNWPNQX*)

Yes Richard, I think I may have jumped the gun on the wave in the eastern Atlantic, but it still may develop. The low along 47W does look impressive and should be getting into a more favorable area as you stated. I haven't seen sat pix yet on this visit to the internet, but earlier I noticed a big blowup of convection also just to the SE of Miami, as well as the areas you mentioned (ie, SE Caribbean) and an area just off Africa. Lots of potential, but nothing catching fire yet. In the meantime, we wait.....cheers

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