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It's About Time for some Wave Mongering
05:18 PM EDT - 14 August 1999

Normally I don't "wave monger" or promote systems too much before they are ready, but combined with the most recent wave leaving the African coast and the sheer lack of anything to talk about so far this month, I found it worthy to mention this one.

This wave is actually looking pretty good and it may break the long silence. The silence is good as far as damage potential (Which is a good thing), but for trackers like ourselves not even having an ocean spinner has taken its toll with sheer boredom.

The system itself has a fair chance of developing into something, depending, of course, if it holds together once the entire system is over the Atlantic. By tomorrow at this time we should have a much better idea. As it stands now, however:

 (Wave mongering)
(forget it) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (sure thing)

This wave is definitely something to watch this week. (Finally)

Will this one break the trend?

Some Forecast models: (
DoD weather models (NOGAPS, AVN, MRF)
Weather Channel Sat Image

- [mac]

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African Wave (#1)
Posted by: Colleen Atwater Location: Lakeland, Florida
Posted On 06:00PM 14-Aug-1999 with id (RPUNQXXNQYSNQVT*)

I agree with you that I am so bored of having nothing to even watch or wonder about...that said, I think that will be ending quite soon with the monster coming off the coast (if it stays like that). Finally, something to watch, wonder and learn about....hopefully, nobody gets hit by it (if it develops), for now, we'll just keep watching. Even the Weather Channel seems interested.

African Wave (#2)
Posted by: Brian Hanlon Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Posted On 12:42AM 15-Aug-1999 with id (QVXNQYQNQWYNRSY*)

My first time visiting this excellent site...will certainly be back as the season progresses. Systems such as the robust wave coming off the west African coast this evening are often prone to looking a lot less impressive 24-36 hrs. out in to the Atlantic, so only time will tell, but this is definitely looking more like a typical healthy "Cape Verde" entrance...a sign that, despite what many impatient storm watchers may be falsely believing, the bumpy ride that Dr. Gray and others predict is quite possibly just around the corner. No time like the present to get the annual "storm kit" supplies in order. We were luckily spared a visit from Georges last year and haven't been truly raked since Andrew in '92, so the odds are looking increasingly unfavorable for the good fortune to continue. We'll be watching.

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