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Still Dennis
07:43 AM EDT - 03 September 1999

Other than the fact Dennis moved a bit to the south, nothing has changed with Dennis

There isn't anything else worth watching either.
Unfortunately for our friends in the NC outer banks, it won't be a nice labor day weekend.

For more information on Dennis see the
Current Storm Spotlight for Dennis.
Some Forecast models: (NGM, AVN, MRF, ECMWF, ETA)
DoD weather models (NOGAPS, AVN, MRF)
Weather Channel Caribbean Sat Image
Intellicast Caribbean IR Loop
Intellicast Atlantic IR Loop

More Sat images: [N.A. visible] (visible -- Daytime Only) [N.A. infrared] (infrared), and [N.A. water vapor] (water vapor)--Nasa source.

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Dennis, Dennis (#1)
Posted by: Bill
Posted On 09:47AM 03-Sep-1999 with id (RPTNQQPNRQTNUQ*)

This morning it appears that Dennis is intensifying based on false color IR analysis (9:15am pic), but on visible it looks more like a frontal wave/ XTC than before. This storm is definitely following its own agenda. Go west in NC?,well it is already much further s than was forecast, still moving just a tad w of s. Unless Dennis puts on the brakes, it will be landfalling (if at all) further south than they think,plus all the mdels show re-intesification, which may be beginning, despite a dry slot in the circulation, and possible shear.


Dennis (again ---forever? (#2)
Posted by:
Colleen Atwater Location: Lakeland, Florida
Posted On 11:58AM 03-Sep-1999 with id (QURNQVSNQYWNXT*)

I am beginning to think that Dennis will never leave and the forecasters will never grow all the hair back that they have lost in the last 10 days!! Yesterday, they were sure it was dying out, I didn't buy that and until Dennis is gone for good, I won't trust him. It definitely looks like he is moving further south, and I believe he is reintensifying. It will be interesting to see if they send any recon out again. Anyway, they keep talking about something pushing it back to the nw, I will believe it when I see it with my own eyes. Other than that, it's just a wait and see game. Dennis sure is living up to his name.

Dennis (#3)
Posted by: Bill
Posted On 02:12PM 03-Sep-1999 with id (RPTNQQPNRQTNUQ*)

The NHC did send a recon out and found the pressure slightly lower than sat estimates had indicated, Dennis also is forming an eye. The intensity is still 60 mph. Dennis has drifted slightly to the east (or it amy just be a recon fix relocation vs. satellite) and may be performing a cycloid, ie counterclockwise loop. It may eventually move west, but I don't think the 11am forecast track will pan out. Dennis is over warmer water and I definitely believe it could intensify again as long as shear doesn't pick up. NHC in fact forcasts slight intensification.

Stay tuned, Dennis is still a menace!

Dennis (What Else?) (#4)
Posted by: Colleen Atwater Location: Lakeland, Florida
Posted On 02:22PM 03-Sep-1999 with id (QURNQVSNRPQNRPT*)

Bill - I was beginning to think the rest of us hurricane watchers fell off the face of the earth!! I just printed out some of the model positions, they have it even further north now, mostly between Atlantic City and Norfolk. Strange. Anyhow, SHIPS has the intensity at 71kts in 72 hours. I would think that it would be difficult to do that if it was going back north, considering the upwelling there already. If it was headed south, that would make more sense to me. Anyhow, it will be interesting to watch. Keep on posting...I look forward to it.

Dennis on the move? (#5)
Posted by: Bill
Posted On 04:33PM 03-Sep-1999 with id (RPTNQQPNRQTNUQ*)

Such optimists..the NHC moves the storm .1 w, and .1 N and says Dennis is drifting WNW. Well, maybe it is. It all depends on how fast the ridge breaks down as to where the storm goes,also it seems to be intensifying, pressure has fallen 4-5 MB since 2pm. The winds have not come up yet due to a lag this storm has experienced all along, but if the trend continues it will intensify. How much...depends on how fast it moves and how far s it is..slower and further s= stronger storm.

Time will, what a hoot if it hit NC again, and then looped once more :)

Posted by: Mike Anderson
Posted On 08:55PM 03-Sep-1999 with id (QURNQVSNRQSNUY*)

Good evening i thought i would post a tid bit on my old friend DENNIS, i have been going over a bit of information and im ready to make a bold call on the system, DENNIS should not gain much more, however i do now see landfall of this system in the NC area, DENNIS should than move west of VA heading north passing west in PA right up through the NEW ENGLAND states, DENNIS will than head ENE out in the open ATLANTIC north of MAINE and that should do it for DENNIS, Getting to whart i see later in the week , also indercations are hinting at another tropical outbreak in the AtLANTIC later in the weekend, ill have more on this in the next few day's, thats it for this post, just another foot note on the new web site im building, it looks great and i should have something real soon for all of you , Again i will keep posting on this site as well, this is a great site and we all need to let Mike C. know that from time to time as he has taken the time to bring you this site to better make you awear of tropical weather brewing, thanks Mike, Mike anderson Florida Wx .

What Do you Think? Dennis of Course (#7)
Posted by: Colleen Atwater Location: Lakeland Florida
Posted On 12:12AM 04-Sep-1999 with id (RPUNQXXNQYVNTT*)

I have just finished watching the latest loops of Dennis, and I'll be damned if he isn't moving to the E/SE. I think he is changing direction and maybe Mike is right he will kick himself in the but and say "Hey, I 've been here before, no good food, no bars, I am OFF to Atlantic City to kick some little ole lady butt." However...on the other hand...well..all i have to say is will somebody PLEASE do something with Dennis (Mother Nature I am talking to specifically, I think if you wanted to make NC a separate country you could talk to Bill..he gives things away for free these days...) Anyhow, I do believe that I am going to pray that whatever is in the Atlantic hold off for a couple of brother is getting married and going to St. Lucia?? Yes..that's it. Maybe he will get there ...I hope so..

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