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Fri Oct 21 2005 10:14 PM
Re: Forecasts


I know that the forecast lounge was created to keep the wishcasting and silly guesses quiet during a landfall march, but in doing so, some of the heart of this board went missing. I've seen very valid comments (someone offered an opinion to keep your eyes right on the not-quite-yet Wilma as it could become a Cat 5 - they even listed (I believe) the conditions that would be responsible) get graveyarded and I've seen out-of-line conversation kept on.

I'm not saying permitting landfall forecasts in the news threads is the solution, nor am I saying the forecast lounge is the problem. Somewhere this place morphed from being a discussion board to a board where you either agree with the NHC, are a met, or are asked to keep a lid on it. The discussion aspect during the "long march" is gone, and something went away with it. I wish I could put my finger on it, but I can't.

I've been an avid member of this site for over a year. I read more than I post, and I very much agree with Tom. It seems the "moderation" factor has become so overzealous, it's much less interesting and opposing viewpoints are cut rather than allowed to remain for discussion.

In addition, the overly repetitive posting by moderators of "listen only to the NHC" has become almost laughably legaleze. Please, post one great big RED notice on the front page that this board contains "no content of any worth and please listen "ONLY TO THE NHC" and let us get back to discussing the hurricanes, varying viewpoints on differing effects of atmospheric conditions on track/strength, etc. without CONSTANTLY having to add a disclaimer to our opinions.

We are here to discuss, and I welcome ALL viewpoints, even amateur ones, which are sometimes worthy of comic relief, but still welcome. I rarely give a viewpoint, but very much enjoy learning and digesting those who do brave the moderators and dare to offer an opinion that differs from the NHC.

Through exploration of differing ideas we come close to understanding the fascinating phenomenon which this board is supposedly dedicated to, the hurricane.

We are not an NHC fan club, nor are we an NHC bash club, we're simply fans of the hurricane. (or foes, but either way, fascinated)


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