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Thu Sep 23 2004 01:22 PM
Ode to Hurricane Season 2004 by Kent

Sorry but I had to vent...I feel better now:

A few days before Jeanne and all through my town'
1000's of psycho's are rushing around
Publix was restocked but now shelves are bare
but managers promise more ice will be there

Hardware stores crammed with a line out the door
prepare yet again to restock their store
They frantically call and beg their suppliers
send us more tarps, more tapcons more pliers!

We need flashlights and lanterns and lots of propane
Our customers seem to have just gone insane!
they are buying things we thought no one would buy
its good for the business, but you gotta ask why?

Where is the stuff that they bought just last week
when Hurricane Ivan had caused them to freak?
He went down below us and off to the west
so why are you they back here on this new quest?

Donations were sent. Oh yes, now we see!
The victims of Ivan have that rope for your tree.
So back in they come and swarm all the aisles
sorting through tapcons and battery piles.

The frenzy gets worse as the day turns to night
and all are familiar with one certain sight
The people are huddled around their tv's
waiting to hear about Jeannes next big breeze

Will she come closer? When will she turn?
As my sister up north asks "when will you learn?"
Hammers are banging once more on plywood
covering windows cause Jeanne in the 'hood.

She's spinning due west and won't go away
silently stalking her Florida prey
We thought she had gone out to sea long ago
but now she is back with a FRANCIS echo

The wench is now aiming at poor Vero Beach
the center of Florida is well within reach
The place is in turmoil there's no gas again
I haven't seen gas cans since I don't know when!

Hurricane season is not over yet
We're only at "L" in the darn alphabet!
So pardon our whining and constant obsession
but we feel like we all have got manic depression!

Thank you...thank you very much

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