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Wed Oct 05 2005 09:24 PM
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by the way, stan may make a comeback off the mexican riviera tomorrow. i'm going to send the nhc hate mail if they give it a pacific name... it's still stan, dammit. stan has put in its papers for retirement already, actually... it came about timed with a westerly pacific moisture surge and really rained on central america. latest reports number around 120 dead. deforested hillslopes are probably as culpable as heavy rains with these fatalities, i'm guessing.
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I remember a major hurricane (I think it was a major hurricane) several years back that cross Cetral America named Juan, I think. Don't remember the year and I may be completely wrong on the name, too, but for the sake of this discussion I'll call it "Juan"). Anyway, "Juan" crossed into the Pacific as a tropical depression - the NHC was still issuing advisories on it as "Tropical Depression Juan" even after it entered the EPAC. It strengthened and was upgraded to a Tropical Storm name "Kate" (again, I don't remember the exact name). The Weather Channel was referring to it as "Tropical Storm Kate (Juan)" or something like that - using both names for several days. Eventually the dang thing crosses the International Date Line and became a Typhoon. I think it set the record for the longest-lived and most-travelled tropical cyclone - with advisories initiated by the NHC, then transitioned to the CPHC and ultimately to the JTWC... I think it eventually died out in the WPAC.

Anyway, if a tropical system traverses from the Atlantic basin to the EPac, the name changes - I don't know of a situation where it hasn't. But, the CPac and WPac have their own set of names, too... yet if an EPAC system moves past 140 degrees, it just transitions to the CPHC - no name change. Same if it goes past the date line... it transitions to the JTWC from the CPHC, and becomes a Typhoon instead of a Hurricane if winds are =>74, but it doesn't change name, so there is no consistency.

In this case, it won't be Stan because Stan split in half. If you call the EPAC system Stan you have to call 93L Stan and that would just be too confusing!
you're probably talking about john in 1994. it didn't start in the atlantic, but did have a very long life. actually crossed from eastpac to centpac to westpac and then back to centpac as it recurved, if my memory serves. either way, it had an extreme 31 day life span. -HF

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