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#Fred Weakening Quickly as the TS Moves Northwest Past the Cape Verde Islands.
Number of days since last Hurricane Landfall in US: 425 (Arthur) , in Florida: 3600 (9 y 10 m) (Wilma)
19.5N 30.1W
Wind: 45MPH
Pres: 1005mb
Wnw at 10 mph
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HardCore Weather Level 3 Radar Recording of Don (2011) Approach to South Texas

159 images in loop - Image Last Checked: 5:52 AM Jul 30 EDT Image Last Updated: 5:52 AM Jul 30 EDT NO LONGER RECORDING
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Recording Starts from 8:50AM EDT 29 July 2011
Switched to Corpus NWS Radar at 10:17EDT after loss of feed.

Image Last Checked: 5:52 AM Jul 30 Image Last Updated: 5:52 AM Jul 30
Check out the experimental image animator with a date range bar and auto-refresh for this recording.