Part 5 Panorama of Lower East Rift Zone Camera from Lower East Rift Zone June 24th-July 18th (2018)

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See Part 6 For Newer than July 18th
These images are recorded from the USGS webcam sourced from
Be aware, there are a LOT of static images that can take a while to load, you can adjust playback speed, swing, or reverse the images.
View is overlooking Leilani Estates, the green building in the foreground (that gets overtaken) is part of Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV)

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USGS Kilauea Status Updates - Hawaii County Civil Defense Alerts
Official USGS Maps - Unofficial Community Lava Map - Another Unofficial Map - Yet another unofficial map, Lost Homes Map. (Use multiple sources, the community estimates come from a variety of sources!)
Updated Sources of info, Hawaii Tracker, Scott Wiggers @ Apau Hawaii Tours Video Series

Image Last Checked: 10:32 PM Jul 18 Image Last Updated: 10:24 PM Jul 18
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