Currently our XML section includes...

Here is an explanation of RSS if you aren't familiar with it

CFHC news headlines in RSS 2 format
CFHC news headlines in RDF format
Current Storms and current coordinate info in a custom easy format (see file)
Current Storms and current coordinate info in RSS/RDF format

** NEW 16-Aug-2011 * Various Storm Data, Open Data (ODATA) Feed -- SEe for more info on Odata.

08-Oct-2004 : Corrected a few RSS issues in both RSS feeds
To get storm history information in xml format use the url:

Where storm is the sequential number of this year's systems (ie storm 9 is Ivan) and year is the 4 digit year of the storm you want.

To get a list of all storms for a particular year use
Change year to the year you would like to see.

Zipfile with historical hurricane and tropical storm plots from 1902 to 12.Jul.2005 in CSV format

Return to main page Additionally, you can see the current storm "Bar" on another page with this simple html script

<script src=""></script>
Example output:

PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THE XML INFORMATION, if you do, you will be blocked at our firewall.
Storm updates are every 2 or 6 hours depending on the NHC schedule, please do not constantly reload xml files in a short period or you will be blocked.