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Thu Sep 22 2005 02:53 PM
Re: One way to curb/slow these hurricanes is this idea..

OK for the sceince of this question consider the following before you even think about playing around with nature...

Gulf Facts:
The Gulf of Mexico basin resembles a large pit with a broad shallow rim. Approximately 38% of the Gulf is comprised by shallow and intertidal areas (< 20 m deep). The area of the continental shelf (< 180 m) and continental slope (180 - 3,000 m) represent 22% and 20% respectively, and abyssal areas deeper than 3,000 m comprise the final 20% (Gore, 1992). The Sigsbee Deep, located in the southwestern quadrant, is the deepest region of the Gulf of Mexico. Its exact maximum depth is controversial, and reports by different authors state maximum depths ranging from 3,750 m to 4,384 m. Mean (average) water depth of the Gulf is ~1,615 m (Turner, 1999) and the basin contains a volume of 2,434,000 cubic kilometers of water (6.43 * 1017 gallons).

Sooooo... .125gal=1lbs. and it takes 1BTU to to raise that 1 degree, it should take somewhere around 10.3 quadrillion Window AC units @ 5000 BTU to bring the gulf temp down 10 degrees. Ummmm No... BTW that would require the sun as a power source, not just "solar power", the sun.

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