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Sat Nov 27 2004 12:15 PM
Re: Global Warming

First off, I would like to say I'm sorry for opening this can of worms. Whatever may be taking place, we don't really know what will happen with the weather. I was speculating, based on my knowledge of climate - which is rather bleak and some theories that I had. Don't worry about Global warming and the media affilates, worry about what's happening now. Sorry my bad. This is another one of my theories:

What if the increased pressure gradient that is a net result of the warmer waters in the South Pacific, pushes the Pacific ridge or breaks off pieces which in turn land in Canada. This would push a constant flow of high pressure, like facilitated diffusion into Canada and allow the wavelengths to broaden. The only reason why we didn't have a major snowstorm in the east yet was because of the absence of the Canadian high. Maybe, once we get a lower SOI signal then the ridge will orientate itself so that it is a convergence zone. But then why do we have associate a la nina with a more “harsh” winter, and a el nino with a warm winter, this is because there are specific temperatures that generate anomalous stronger trade winds. Maybe since temperature is a measure of molecular motion, the warmer air contains faster moving molecules but not to fast, to create a short burst of energy diffusion but a long one; hence the reason why temperatures are not extremes. If global warming is present, and the theory is true, it will create extremes of temperatures that at most would cause a short burst of harsh weather. Therefore, I do not feel hurricanes are directly related to el nino, but indirectly, making a correlation possible because they are a conjunction (which is a truth statement T^T=T). Comments and constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated...thanks!

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