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Sat Aug 16 2008 08:55 PM
Re: Fay's Florida Impact Potential


Ok I ran/left for the 04 hurricanes tho I live in far east Hillsborough/PC area. I am afraid of them. I live in a old house with LOTS AND LOTS of trees but none over the house, but plenty over the power lines and driveway. My house seems sturdier than I am at this point! The local weather already seems to be hyping this with the gloom n doom, and the track keeps changing-seemingly more to the right-and Im thinking the right side is always the worst-so hoping it would come in over the glades it would be nothing but a wet n windy nuisence by the time it reached Tmpa Bay area. I think Im even more afraid of the power being out for an extended time than the storm itself. So what does one believe?? How can one look at these ever changing charts where now they have it below tmpa bay as a H and then above Tmpa Bay as a TS. WHAT can be expected in this area??? And WHEN do they get it together on the track instead of promoting it for the sake of WATCH OUR NEWS STATION. I need a voice of calm n logical reason PLEASE?? anyone???

Please, PLEASE do not enter panic mode at this point. Even if it heads directly towards us (which is still a pretty slim chance considering all of the alternatives), it is likely to be no more than a Category 1 storm. This should pose NO danger to you inside your house with no trees overhanging or likely to land on the house. You would be likely to lose power (only you know how my neighborhood we almost NEVER lose power for long...are you prone to losing power there?) At my house, losing power is an adventure, like camping, and we can do just fine for a couple of days without it using our propane grill and an emergency generator. Running from hurricanes can be OK, unless you get caught in a big evacuation, or inadvertantly run INTO the path of the storm. I would rather be in my own house without power than far away in a motel and not knowing. Please don't let the news get you overanxious. You are wise to realize that at this point, they are trying to attract viewers and are ramping up the worst-case scenerios. Hang around this site as well as the locals and it will help you keep perspective. I have never known anyone who was killed in a hurricane yet (lived in FL 44 years and have relatives and friends all over the state). Keep your head and follow good advice and you will be just fine. You may be uncomfortable if the power goes out, but nothing more than can be handled. Hope this helps!

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