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Sun Sep 26 2004 04:23 AM
Re: Let's Try This Again

Landfall is on the south end of Huch island. I cant remember the spelling and I use to live in Pt.St.Lucie.. Anyways my target for Jupiter was only 10 miles off ,, within the 25mile zone I give and well within the 100 miles for a 3 day forecast the NHC gives that I gave out. Still she will move across on a just north of west motion for the next 3-6hrs then bend more to the wnw by morning into the afternoon and then wobble NW to the west of Lakeland by noon. Winds will be down to Tropical storm strength by the time she gets north of I-4. Rains up to 10inches near the center and by the east and west coasts. Many spawned tornados.
On a side note, not many strong feeder bands came across the western half of the state today as dry air in the mid levels cut off any reaching ability of Jeanne. Over the keys currently there a very strong band where the mid levels are not as dry. Anyways the dry air will be push out into the gulf overnight as the rains squalls become more intense over the western half of the state from 2am on. The hurricane force winds on the east coast should go down to TS force on the treasure coast by mid morning. Mass power outages will cover the state. Flooding in many rivers and lakes during the next 3 days. Many spawned tornados .....As like I been saying over the last 3 days here that we must learn from the environment around us that the models dont put in. We saw how Ivan went wnw and nw into TX/LA we know Jeanne will stay wnw into Lakeland before a more west turn. It isnt out of the possibility that she even makes it to Clearwater then ridge up the west coast. Anyways on the west coast of florida they should recieve winds around 50-80 mph ,, the higher closer to the center passage and also just sw of her if your on the gulf. I suspect surge of 4-6 ft alittle more then forcasted. Sarasota south should recieve winds from 30-50mph with higher gusts. Orlando will get the same as the Tampa-Lakeland area. After Jeanne moves north of Ocala later Sunday night,, we will have at least a week of calm then our attention will switch to the western carribean and the sw gulf as Oct will bring 1-2 storms from that area.

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