Thu Nov 04 2004 06:00 PM
Re: CFHC family...Danny rules!


I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel on the season just yet...there's a reason it extends to November 30. I sure HOPE it's done (then I nail my TS/H numbers!).

Richard, great post! I think that's the way a lot of us feel.

Danny & I had been exchanging a bunch of PMs recently, and his concern for your well being was mentioned in many of them. He even sent me a special PM to let me know he had tracked you down and that you were OK.

Danny's a great guy! He also was a great help to Coop when Coop lost a good buddy in a helicopter crash a couple of weeks ago.

And he almost single-handedly acted as moderator (before he even WAS a moderator) and helped me out immensely during the major canes...he was your overnight god! He also helped me keep whatever little sanity I have left!

Keep in touch!

I was 'ready' to throw in the towel after Charley , but I know what you mean. Yes, there is a reason the season goes well into November as it does and statistically, you can argue the case and win, but I think this was an unusual season, shattering the statistics and setting records, so why shouldn't we graciously accept that this season might just well be over despite the statistical chances suggesting it might not be. I'll not look a gift horse in the mouth. The weather patterns in place don't suggest much of a chance remains that things will fire up again this season...they could, but I am not expecting anything at this point. Could it happen? Yes, but will it? Probably not given the current wx patterns.

As to Danny: Yes, he is an asset both to this forum and to those he chooses to let into his sphere i\of friendship. I have found him to be a very genuine and warm human being and a credit to himself and his associates. I well know the job of being a defacto/surrigate moderator. A couple of times during the times you got much deserved rest, and before Danny received his calling, you may remember that I spent several long nights here trying desperately to say the right things to often very worried, scared even, visitors to, and members of this forum. Unlike you and Danny though, I had to evacuate before the storms, and even if I had wanted to, I couldn't have done the job you guys do and did. This board is probably the best of all of the similar boards, and it is so because of peoplle like you and Danny and the others that do so much. But, in the long run, what really makes it stand out is its members, their skill and knowledge is combined in a truly remarkable way and produces something that is valuable way above the sum of its parts. Danny is certainly one of the parts I consider an asset. I think that every one he touches, benefits.

You Phil, sane or not, are another of the parts that made a difference to hundreds, maybe even more, of people in what proved to be very trying times this season. By good moderation, you enabled, encouraged and helped provide good and timely information and advice to a lot of people that really needed it. It wasn't a luxury for many of us, to have this board, it was a necessity and a needed resource. This board provided good information and much needed advice that probably saved more lives than you will ever know about because of the good information and advice enabling good decisions when those decisions *Had* to be good ones or life or limb would be in peril.

You, Danny, and many others here in this forum are a family of sorts, and that has a value too great to even comprehend. I am privileged to be in some small way, a part of this family of wise men and women.

Thank YOU, Danny and all of the others here in my surrigate family. Thanks for being here, for your knowledge, forecasts, compassion and most important: Your caring friendship.

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