Sat Nov 20 2004 03:08 PM
Re: season's end


Go get 'em Ric! While I managed to dodge the spray of bullets this year, I know a lot of you weren't as lucky. I hope that FEMA and your adjusters have gotten your place of residence repaired.

One does not economically win with insurance of mobile homes, especially older ones like I own. When the policy payments and deductables equal or exceed the worth of the tin box, you don't play the insurance game. I actually come out ahead by paying into a savings account and self insuring out of that fund. Mobile homes often have a decade or two before being 'too old' or being decimated by storm, and the monthly premium saved is often enough to pay for a new one when the time comes. As to FEMA, because I have a job that pays more than minimum wage, I make too much money, am of the wrong sex, my children are grown, am single and while racial prejudice is illegal, I get the impression my 'suntan' is insufficient. No, I am far from racist, 90% of my students are black or hispanic or asian, and almost all of my students eventually get over *their* prejudice against this old (ancient) white, sourthern-born, male, geek instructor and become vocal and supportive of me to their brothers and sisters new to my classroom and often keep in touch via E-Mail even after graduation. ....But, I can't say that our governmental agencies share that enlightened attitude. Thus, I bear the full cost of the needed repairs. Actually, that suits me fine as then I don't owe any favors or debts to them and they can't hold anything over my head to induce me to do their bidding. They can't take away or withhold what they aren't providing in the first place.

While Rabbit and others were excellent with their predictions and prognostications. I think we would be better off if they stuck to Football predictions and the like. Here's to the "Season from Hell", may we never see another like it.

Rabbit and others like him exhibit the sins that many of us share, too many hormones, testosterone mostly, that makes too many of us want to exhibit 'bravery' by confronting the worst nature has to offer head on. When withstood, they can say 'it was fun!, let's do it again!'. Often forgotten is the fact they were standing there in their urine dampened underware when they said that. Too many of us seem to forget that death is permanent and even a small storm has the potential to kill. I hold no ill will against those that wishcast, but I pray their education comes before the storm they wish for.

Daniel, in your chosen field of work, you know the down side, the bad, that weather can deal out. You, like myself and others here in this forum, have gone through Camille, and her bastard children. We know the misery of months without power, fresh water and a cool drink. If we could harness the 'Rabbits' and their ability to forecast, often accurately, where these storms will go, we could avoid some of the loss of life and property damage. You and I though, have an obligation too....to try and educate them about the 'facts of life' with regard to these storms. Then, you, (I'm too old now) go out and pick up the pieces, dig out the victims and those who were both foolish and unlucky enough to get what they wishcasted for.

I am glad that this season is apparantly over, that nothing looms. I do miss the activity here in this forum though, it gave me new opportunities to make friends and learn, and yes, to occasionally even to help educate those in need and to help calm the paniced and hopefully guiding them to an informed decision rather than a paniced reaction to a bad situation. I do miss that.

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