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Wed Aug 31 2005 09:13 PM
Re: Fuel


I saw lines in Orlando blocking major intersections and even one looked like they had police crime tape around, some people were in lines filling up spare tanks on boats, and some had empty tanks in the back of their vehicles 6-8 deep. Totally absurd. I can't believe how selfish our society have become. If everyone would conserve a little bit of gas/fuel each day and DONATE few bucks to the Red Cross and VOLUNTEER OUR time to the recovery efforts, after a month or two it will GET better. Panicking now is only making worse! Why do we want to make all of us part of the problem we need to be part of the solution!
Just my 2 cents worth in Orlando,.

Agreed. Rumors in Atlanta triggered a run on some gas stations; creating spot shortages through self-fulfilling prophecy. Full story is linked at - you have to register for free to view. The headline is about rising gas prices. It SHOULD read "Governor Assures City That Atlanta Has Enough Gas if People Wouldn't Horde It."

The fact that CNN reported shortly ago that people in Atlanta were paying over $5 for gas was irresponsible and probably added to that panic. They were getting their info from - a site where anyone can log in and post a gas price. Earlier this afternoon, there was a price posted there of $5.89 at one station and that price has now been removed (it was likely someone's idea of a sick joke). There are several reports of $3.99 - so some stations in ATL are taking advantage of a bad situation, but my sister in Alpharetta filled up a couple hours ago for $2.69. CNN made it sound like gas in Atlanta is over five dollars across the city - clearly not true and TOTALLY irresponsible reporting (considering where CNN is based) that will just lead to more panic and hording, thus causing some shortages.

EDIT: I see that now has a report of $4.99/gallon. Of course, there is also a report of $0.06/gallon now posted. Whether that report of $4.99 is true or not, the fact is that there are still many stations in Atlanta who are not price gouging. The governor of Georgia has also come out and said that there will be consequences for gouges. PLEASE do not contribute to the madness regardless.

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