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Fri Oct 28 2005 04:34 PM
Wilma wilma

Well i got power , telephone,and internet back this morning. For me Wilma is the 5th Eye i have been through in the past 10 years, and the 2nd major hurricane. Back in my river in stuart florida we had a storm surge of 6 feet becuse willma came from the west. Wilma made a jog south when making landfall in south west florida and crossed over to the east coast in less then 2 hours bye the time the western eyewall was on land the eastern eyewall was back over the warm waters of the gulf stream so wilma i belive did not weeken at all. nhc conservativly made her a 105
when crossing my area but pressure only went up 6 millibars and was 956 millibars up from 950 when it hit sw florida with 125mph winds. the first eyewall was weak my anometor only reported winds sustained at 70 gusting to 100, but when the second wall came winds went from 25mph to 95 sustained gusting to over 100
then the real weather hit my boat shook like mad the gusts where unlike anything expirienced in the eye walls of jeanne, or frances winds are now 93,95,94,96,105,99,100,104,110 then it got even worse a huge gust that seemed to last an eternity came. i am now hiding afrraid objects are slaming into the boat as if someone is hitting it with a baseball bat i look up at the wind gauge it now peaks out at 133mph then the wind
calms and drops back to 95 then another gust comes through just like the one before it i go to look at the gauge and its now reading 0 the cups on the anometor are gone the hole spinny part is intact but the cups are gone.

This storm was all as bad as hurricane jeanne if not way worse. building that didnt flinch in frances or jeanne were completley destroyed in wilma in talking to people after, evryone agreed that this storm was the worst of three wind wise with the exception of jeanne having a much higher storm surge around 8.2feet and a pressure 3 millibars lower.

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