Fri Oct 28 2005 06:42 PM
Re: More model questions


I'm wondering what the AF1 model is. I can't find it on any sites that go through what the models are, and I'm curious given that Beta has been ignoring most of the model tracks as it drifts about off South America heading slowly nw to nnw.

I'm asking becuase AF1I is tracking Beta north toward Cuba and intensifying it well beyond the other models, bringin Beta to a 110kt hurricane in 72 hours: http://euler.atmos.colostate.edu/~vigh/guidance/atlantic/intensity1.png


dude ...i don't know what to tell you but according to google, AF1 is the number 1 model representing Michigan in some kind of a beauty pagent preliminary round... i think her name was Afany...total babe.

ah, yeah, anyway...that's about the gyst of what's available readily on line..

one thing our field is lacking is an easy to find ready to use reference guide to EVERY model ever created and what that model uses as far as physical methodology for processing...

it's just very cryptic in nature, to the point where it almost seems no one wants you to know them anyway, i'm sure you could google this, too, so no sense in me wasting anymore time.

frankly, i didn't know either when you asked, which sparked my own curiosity. but, i was summarily frustrated to the point of being actually angry that i couldn't find it... my guess, because it is so hard to find it is either a) the best model in the universe and is never wrong and is intended not to be known so that a secret cadre of weather thinkers will always appear like geniuses.... or...
b) it's the suckiest model ever and therefore, it has never gotten enough notice for an official write-up; and therefore makes you wonder why it even is being represented on sites such as http://euler.atmos.colostate.edu/~vigh/guidance/atlantic/early1.png ....or...
c) they simply forgot the model exists and it is run by accident because no one ever bothered to clear function calls from the master algorithm that actually runs the stupid thing! argh

...believe me, i have the education to explain the ups and downs of using this phantom tool, provided who ever created it also had the foresight to imagine that people might want to know how it is run... I'm sorry, that's just stupid.

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