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Thu Jul 07 2005 08:41 PM
to evacuate or not?

What decides whether or not to evacuate? Are shelters safer than homes?

We live approx. 10 miles from the Gulf in Bradenton. We are in a non-evacuation zone. Our house was built in 1987. We have plywood for the windows, a brace for the garage door, and a generator. We have 1 medium sized tree that could potentially fall on the house. We have 2 children (ages 1 & 4). If it was just us we probably wouldn't consider leaving, but with the kids we just don't know. With Dennis probably going to skirt us we will stay, but if one was headed toward us.....

So, what type of storm do you stay for, what do you leave for? What makes/made you decide this?


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Thu Jul 07 2005 08:49 PM
Re: to evacuate or not?

This one's easy. When your (Manatee) County EOC orders an evacuation. There are usually evacuation zones, and you are well-away from any storm surge flooding potential. Also, since your home is site-built (as opposed to a mobile home), the track would need to go sharply right to imagine an evacuation order for your neighborhood.

Two caveats; 1) Pay attention to the experts, especially the NHC and this site's meterorolgists 2) If you have special needs or are anxious, err on the side of caution and head east...

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Thu Jul 07 2005 09:50 PM
Re: to evacuate or not?

Sarasota has a great decision-maker on the web. Go to:
It helps you walk through some basic questions to decide if you should weather the storm at home, or head for shelter. I also remember alot of friends that left Siesta Key for Arcadia and Orlando last year . . . .

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Sun Aug 27 2006 08:50 PM
Re: to evacuate or not?

Evac orders come from State, county and city Emerg. Management people, but they're not responsible for the inconvenience and danger their mandatory evac orders cause. They don't tell you where to go and they certainly don't offer any financial assistance. Visitors to an evac area need to do just that -- evac ASAP. Residents should be prepared to go to a shelter (look for pet shelters). Remember, once you evacuate, you may not be able to get back home for several days. Its also hard to find out when the evac order is over.

My family and I had to evacuate the Tampa-Clearwater area prior to Charlie, and like thousands of others, we ended up in greater danger by moving inland, rather than staying close to home and waiting a little longer. I know they do an important job, but I always dread hearing from the EOC. They never have any good news.

Storm Cooper
Sun Aug 27 2006 09:24 PM
Re: to evacuate or not?

Mark can probably reply better than I, but I do see your side to this. The people in these positions to suggest / order evac orders do not do it without a great deal of thought and planning. Also keep in mind we too have family that must deal with the same thing in these times. I do not like it either but there comes a "point of no return" where the decision must be made and it is made in good faith I assure you. These people do a great job and do it for the well being of others.

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