(Senior Storm Chaser)
Sat Sep 03 2005 01:17 PM
Thanks MikeC for the disaster forum

I've been talking to Frank P through PMs, but we are switching to email.

It seems to me that Katrina also blew through this board, and it is left like one of those houses that didn't get completely knocked down, but has only the framework left standing.

It is just anathema for some of us to go back to tracking hurricanes right now.

Frank had a rough week but he is doing OK, and better every day. Like me he also felt that "the South will rise again." The locals will rebuild. My family will rebuild their two houses that are ruined, in Pascagoula and Moss Point. If you don't get it then there is no way it can be explained.

A friend, trying to distract me, gave me Bill Maher's new book, "New Rules; Poilte Musings from a Timid Observer." When I opened to the first page, there was a [composed] photo of two hurricanes side by side, and the text, "Stop calling it a 'perfect storm' when two bad things happen at the same time." Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, before long I came to, "Don't live close to the sea. If you build your home in a place where weather knocks houses over, weather will knock your house over...hurricanes are God's way of saying, 'Get off my property!'"

It reminds me of when I was younger and had several miscarriages; all I saw, everywhere, for months, were pregnant women and babies in carriages. Frequenting the news forums now would be like spending all my spare time going to an obstetrician's office. You all understand.

I'll continue to post news here when I find something of interest.

Frank P said I should follow the advice I gave him, and let things go for awhile.

(Weather Hobbyist)
Sun Sep 04 2005 12:07 AM
Re: Thanks MikeC for the disaster forum

Well, I guess since I was personally affected only in that New Orleans is a city I love about as much as any including my own, I am capable of getting back to talking about the weather, but I hope that the people running this board are willing to allow (even encourage) discussion of the consequences of such a huge, devestating storm. I also wish they'd allow discussion of public policy related to it (that's another way of saying the relevent politics). But in any case, there don't seem to be any storms actually threatening land right now--thank your higher power--so we have plenty of time, and many of us have the inclination, to talk about Katrina and I just hope they'll let us. And I do think talking about her is therapeutic. Safe at home, I'm still pretty emotional about the situation I admit.

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