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Sat Aug 10 2002 02:21 PM
New on this board and ready to discuss tropical weather

Hello to all here and I know that some here know me from other boards and chat rooms.I came here because I heard that this board is a very good one and many good discussions about the tropics happen here so here I am to begin those discussions as we are comming to the heart of hurricane season.

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Sat Aug 10 2002 03:14 PM
Re: New on this board and ready to discuss tropical weather

Welcome aboard brother! This site is cool because you can have it highly personalized (if you register) and the trolls usually don't get in here easily because it's a smaller message board than some of the other ones. There's many different discussion sections at this don't hesistate to add your 2 cents to mix. Now....I think you'd better watch the wave in the Atlantic well east of the islands and the one that is about to come off of Africa. Wouldn't surprise me at all if a major storm made its way across the Atlantic in 10-30 days. We'll see. Have fun posting!

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Sat Aug 10 2002 03:42 PM
I agree that wave with low has a chance to develop

First of all glad to see you here because I know that you and me with the others here will have great discussions and plenty of anaylisis as we go on into the peak of the season.

About the wave with low pressure I agree with you that it has to be watched as it moves more west because west of 45w those waters are very warm and that is something that worries me here in Puerto Rico because if they develop close to the islands then no time to recurve will be in the cards.

About the wave emerging africa we have to wait for the entire system to go out and then we will see what will happen by then but looks like it has also a low pressure.

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Mon Aug 12 2002 12:29 PM
Hey Eye...

The majority of the action on CFHC is in what is called the "News" items. Click on "Forum" under "Communication" to your left. The top box is the 4 items in the General Discussion: "Suggestions, History, Storm and General." Go down the next box immediately below that box. It is called: News Talkback. Click on 2002 News Talkback. Then you click on the most current item and that is where all the discussion is. If you look at The Return of Bertha, I think you've got a few Happy Birthday messages in there, though I don't know if you've actually been to that part of the site since you posted here. That's where the real day-to-day interaction takes place. I have the news updates bookmarked as my link for CFHC. It is:

Just click on the Number (which equals number of replies) behind the most recent news article. Like I said, that's where most of the real interaction goes on and wasn't sure if you knew that.



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Mon Aug 12 2002 03:21 PM
Explain to me how this works... and look at ATLANTIC

Explain to me how this message board works. And, no please don't show me the info page because it doesn't make sense.

First off...all of the current topics are buried under the category Bertha.. I know Bertha came twice but I don't think she is going to be reborn a third time.

Second.. I cannot see how to easily follow the newest posts without going through a long process. Hints?

Third.. why are the topics from today about the Invest linked under the Bertha category?

Nice board, easier to use than having to reload each time but it is very hard to just jump on and follow.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I have tried to check this board as often as other boards because there are several people here that I enjoy reading..but I seem to have some problem getting the hang of it and I don't think its just me.

Lastly, I have always used this board to find Snonut's site which has just about everything you really need, two good loops and water temps.

And, speaking of water temps............. I see blue all the way due west where the El Nino is supposed to be ...maybe someone can explain that one to me too?

Thank you... hoping to get past whatever blocks I have with this board set up.

(Weather Guru)
Mon Aug 12 2002 04:44 PM
Re: Explain to me how this works... and look at ATLANTIC

Hi to all those new to site:

Just a couple things to help you get oriented on this site:
- On the opening page under scrolling banner is a list of the latest Recent News items
- these items are posted by the site owners.
-choose the first one on list and click on it, this will bring up the most current news post.
- Notice the blue box with the Title of news item in large fonts,and several other choices in same box, click on one of these choices to post comment, read other peoples comments. or the last one to go to the latest page of postings
- this will get you into where most people are posting on a daily basis
- scroll down and read posts.
-if you want to look at other posts look at bar on left and under the "communications " section click on "forum"

It takes a little getting used to at first, but is worth it.
If you take time to register, it opens up some really nice options for setting preferences.

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Mon Aug 12 2002 06:48 PM
Re: Explain to me how this works... and look at ATLANTIC

Hi Hurric.

How exactly does registering change things? Curious.

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Mon Aug 12 2002 06:54 PM
Re: Explain to me how this works... and look at ATLANTIC

You get a bunch of configuration options which I really can't remember since it seems like a lifetime ago that I registered. There is an FAQ somewhere in this forum which explains the benefits. Hopefully John, Mike or Ed will see this and post it again.

Bottom line for the other person that said the site was hard to follow - it runs like this: One of the hosts will initiate a topic based on an upgrade, classification or whatever on the NEWS page. That more-or-less becomes the de facto forum until the next topic is initiated. Just click on the Number behind the news topic to read the followup and other comments. Before the site was upgraded to this one, that's the way everyone posted, so it apparently just stuck with the regulars. I'm pretty active on the News section but only remember to check in over here about once a week.

Hope this helps - and btw, if I can find that thing on registration (doesn't require personal information except e-mail I think) I'll post the link.


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Mon Aug 12 2002 06:56 PM
Re: Explain to me how this works... and look at ATLANTIC

There it is.


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Mon Aug 12 2002 11:22 PM
Re: Explain to me how this works... and look at ATLANTIC

I will try to explain how the message board (forums) work.

First off on the Main NEWS page when you come to, The top News story is the Latest, If there is no major news in the tropics we just don’t post anything to take up space. So the conversations just carry on. If we posted a new news topic everyday then you think its hard to find your way around now! You can bet if something major is happening in the topics a new NEWS post will be posted. We take pride in this site for being up-to-date in the topics. (Note These News Stories are also the “News Talkback” forum in the Forum Menu) The only thing different in this forum (news talk back) than the others is you can not post a new topic, Only Reply to it. All the other forum categories you can post new topics and reply. This Category “News Talkback” is usually the main place where everyone talks about the current tropical weather going on. This message is posted in the “Storm Forum”, this area is just another area we created so others can discuss Storms in general and post new topics. Actually this message should have been posted in the “Site Suggestions and Questions” Forum, but that’s ok. Yes I know that can get confusing but once you get used the board you will get a better grip on what’s going on.

Being registered and logging on can make your visit much easier too. The big reason I like it is “Keeping Track of Messages you have read and not read." Plus you can set it so you don’t have to log in every time you come to the site. It will remember you if tell it to, It will ask you when you log in. Tip: don’t log off when you leave just leave.

And it can do a lot more to personalize it the way you like it. You just have to sit down take your time and go through all the settings. But you have to me logged on and registered for this to work.

If you need more help please feel free to ask, send us email, whatever it takes we will be glad you help you out.

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