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Fires Again
08:10 PM EDT - 03 April 2001

After a February that resulted in Interstate 4 being closed for almost 3 weeks, and even some rain, we still are quite dry. Today we had fires flare up in Polk county again (that shut down parts of I4), and in southern Brevard county near Grant/Palm Bay that has Interstate 95 shut down even as I write this.

We still need rain. The lakes are still very empty, and the storms, although helpful, were just a drop in the bucket in what could reverse the trend of red flag fire warnings in our area. Is has not been nearly as bad as the summer of 1998, but there have been fires scattered in more areas. It's important not to be a bonehead when it comes to burning and tossing out lit items out the windows. The fire in Polk this past February was caused by a man burning carelessly. So it can happen. So put out every cig... for great justice.

There is no substantial rainfall predicted in the near future, so we'll have to keep waiting. One system nearby now will give Georgia a lot of rain, but will skim to the north of us with nearly no chance of rain down here.

- [mac]

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Mother nature will take its course (#1)
Posted by: Tyron Location: Daytona Beach, FL
Posted On 05:01PM 04-Apr-2001 with id (VUNSSNQXNQPQ*)

Central florida needs a lot of rain!
What produces lots of rain? Tropical systems.
This upcomming season will be a very interesting hurricane season.

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