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Main Site Now Up
03:24 PM EDT - 09 June 2000

Flhurricane is now on the new system and everything that was active last year (before Floyd) should now be working. New features will come soon. We'll be working out any remaining bugs during the next few weeks. It will take a bit of time for the dns name to switch everywhere so the "redirection" page will show for you until it switches.

The remnants of Tropical Depression One are still in the Gulf, and are moving over Mexico and may cause flash floods there. We continue to watch the tropics, including an interesting wave east of the winwards that is impressively strong for this time of year. The National Hurricane Center may be sending recon out there to check on it.

Comments on stories are back up, and the
Storm Forum is back online.

- [mac]

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Welcome Back (#1)
Posted by: Bob Harlem Location: Sanford, FL
Posted On 08:55PM 09-Jun-2000 with id (RTNQVUNRRYNRV*)

Glad to see your site back to the way it used to be. Keep up the great work.

Posted by: Mike (
Posted On 07:04AM 10-Jun-2000 with id (QURNQVSNQYTNRPW*)

Mike welcome back, we have been waiting for your return, it will be great to have your site back up and working they way you intended for it to be. I wish you the best this season, we at east coast tropical Weather also had some trouble with our server, so I moved the site to angelfire. We are again getting ready for another move but thin time it should be I will look forward to chatting with you again, until that time have a great season and keep up the good work you do here at CFHC. Mike

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