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Early June Activity
05:20 PM EDT - 10 June 2000

The tropics are unusually active this early in June. However conditions seem to be hostile, there are fairly strong waves already coming off the coast of Africa. There are 4 systems being watched right now. One, which was once TD#1, is unlikely to strengthen. Another in the Florida Straights is unlikely to do anything, and the two in the Atlantic between South America and Africa are encountering hostile conditions. If they were to get stronger, it wouldn't be by much.

Still, activity in June is not really an indicator of how the rest of the season will go. But Dr. Gray did increase his predictions for this year to add one more named system.
We'll be watching.

Early Birds

Two new recent additions to the links page are: hear Ronn Raszetnik, Jr.'s
Hurricane Nucleus of Florida which contains original discussions from Ronn which are definitely worth reading, and many other nice features. The other new link is Mike Anderson's East Coast Tropical Weather Center which is also very good. Mike Anderson is usually more willing to give out his honest predictions than most, so it's always interesting to check out. Both are very good sites.

- [mac]

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Very informative satellite! (#1)
Posted by:
Mary (http://Na) Location: Lakeland
Posted On 06:28PM 10-Jun-2000 with id (QRNWWNQVRNUT*)

Thank you for posting that satellite with the labels. It makes it so much more interesting to know what people are talking about when the main features are labeled. It is great and the whole site is great.

Tropical Wave (#2)
Posted by:
Mark Ruck Location: Cape Coral Florida
Posted On 09:31AM 11-Jun-2000 with id (QRNWWNQTUNQSP*)

A tropical wave now entering the carribean shows no development right now but I believe as it enters into the eastern carribean tommorow it will become more active as upper level conditions become more condusive for development. Wait and see.

Posted by:
Posted On 04:25PM 11-Jun-2000 with id (VSNRSNQXTNWT*)

I'm happy like most people that this site is back up,,,we always need a site like this to stay up to date on tropical activity. My site went down by Jan 1 and I just got a new one up.I's very imformitive though not pretty yet,,,,anyone please check it out at
There you can chat,,put up your comments on the message board,,,we have radars,,satillite loops,,discussions from everywhere including the carribean,maps,,,all the models and more,,,. Thanks again for coming back,,,, scottsvb
(if anyone can't get in for some reason,,then send e-mail to I will get you in by e-mail.

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