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Harvey Weakens not a Big Threat
05:54 AM EDT - 21 September 1999

Public School has been cancelled in much of Central Florida, but it will be for naught this time, as Harvey will now move south of us and we will actually see very little in the way of heavy rainfall in Central Florida. Harvey has been invaded by dry air, which is causing the storm to weaken and head southeast instead of straight through the state as expected earlier.

For more information on Harvey see the
Current Storm Spotlight for Harvey.
For more information on Gert see the Current Storm Spotlight for Gert.
NRL Monterey Tracking Site (Navy) -- Very nice forecast track graphics.
Some Forecast models: (NGM, AVN, MRF, ECMWF, ETA)
DoD weather models (NOGAPS, AVN, MRF)
GFDL Model & Plot for Gert and for Harvey
Gert Multiple Model Forecast Composite from Michael Bryson
Harvey Multiple Model Forecast Composite from Michael Bryson

Weather Channel Caribbean Sat Image
Intellicast Caribbean IR Loop
Intellicast Atlantic IR Loop

More Sat images: Storm Centered imagery.

[N.A. visible] (visible -- Daytime Only) [N.A. infrared] (infrared), and [N.A. water vapor] (water vapor)--Nasa source.

- [jc]

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Harveys futer path (#1)
Posted by: Rob Location: Stuart
Posted On 09:21AM 21-Sep-1999 with id (QYYNRRWNQSQNTP*)

Hello Evryone i was wondering what the chances of harvey crossing florida recorving to the north then northwest and coming back in to florida.

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