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Slow Down
04:27 PM EDT - 12 June 2000

The early activity that we have seen recently has quieted back down again for the most part.  Although there are a few waves out there, there is nothing imminent forming.  

It's quite easy to notice the waves out in the Atlantic mid-way to Africa, but in all of the hurricane seasons since 1900 there has only been two storms to form out so far in June.  Ana in 1979  and the second storm of 1933.  So there really isn't much precedent for that type of thing to occur.  Since sea surface temperatures are still low in that area, it is a fairly safe bet to say that nothing will form out there this month. 

Hurricane Season usually doesn't get really rolling until mid August.  Storms before that are rare (but less rare as mid August approaches).

The mention of Ana and the 1933 storm came from one of our two new links of the day today.  One is The Storm Portal from Patrick Gorman, with good discussions and links to USENET newsgroup discussions about storms (one for the bookmarks), and SCOTTSVB's Hurricane Update Center wherein you can find his discussions.  If you have a page, or know of one that isn't on our links page let us know about it!

- [mac]

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thanks CFHC (#1)
Posted by:
scottsvb Location: tampa
Posted On 10:24PM 12-Jun-2000 with id (VSNRSNQXYNRSU*)

Thanks for putting on my link,,,I have this also.
This is a very popular site and I'm glad we have links like everyone's personal pages also to keep us all informed of what is going on in the tropics.
CFHC...(Mike),(John)....what do you see for the rest of the month of June,,,,,or the season? I agree with Dr. Gray on the amount of storms. I got last years on the dot. I see 14 systems. 12 Tropical storms of which 9 will become hurricanes,and 4 intense. The first T.S. might come near the end of the month,,,probably in the sw carribean and move up to the yucitan and gulf coast areas. About 2 weeks or so. But along way off.,..also I feel a early Cape Verdy season is in the offering....With warmer sst's by 2-3 degree's there and alot of rainfall coming off Africa,,,the only thing missing is the Southern Hemisphere trade winds that generally move up to the 8-10N by mid July. If everything stays the same,,July from the middle on should be interesting like 3 years ago.
Thanks again CFHC,,,,,,my site is not as pretty,,but I have all the details people would
want.This is a great site you guys have.
My site again for anyone should be listed here on the CFHC links page. You can chat,put up comments like here, and everything else you need. scottsvb

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