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05:19 PM EDT - 19 April 2001

The East Pacific Hurricane season starts up on May 15th, which is half a month before the Atlantic hurricane season. Most of the time, the Pacific has more named storms than the Atlantic, but a few years (like 1995) it's the opposite.

One sign of activity is the Intratropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ), or a band of low pressure which forms over the regions of the warmest waters and land masses in the tropics. The ITCZ is easily spotted. It's usually on satellite images as the band of bright clouds located just north of the equator. And this time of the year it starts to get active. But not until Late July and August when it creeps slightly northward does much come from it, but it does show the waters are warm.

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ITCZ (#1)
Posted by:
Richard Byett ( Location: Gloucester, England
Posted On 06:08AM 22-Apr-2001 with id (RQSNQRRNQVWNRPX*)

Well it loks like activity on the ITCZ is starting to increase with an area of strong convection just moving of the african coast around 10'w. I dont think we will have to wait much longer to see the first tropical waves mnoving of. Dont forget that although Hurricane Season begins June 1st, tropical waves move off the African coast before then, sometimes as early as the end of April. And also dont forget that Tropical Depresion and Tropical Storms can develop during May, even though this is outside of Hurricane season.

actividad convectiva de la Zona de Convergencia Intertropical (#2)
Posted by:
Antonio Rodriguez
Posted On 09:22PM 23-Apr-2001 with id (VTNTVNWYNQSP*)

Debido a que realizo el monitoreo de los sistemas meteorologicos de mi pais Ecuador, mi interes es felicitarles por las facilidades que dan al mundo tecnico cientifico, para tener un mayor conocimiento en meteorologia y mas sobre TELECONEXIONES en America para la presente de un evento Calido o NIŅO, o evento FRIO o NIŅA, en el Ecuador, por lo que deseo realizar un intercambio de informacion para reforzar el monitoreo y la investigacion sobre este tema.
Desearia tener una capacitacion para reforzar mis conocimientos con lo referente al desplazamiento de los HURACANES, y la insidencia en la ZCIT y demas sistemas meteorologicos.

Gracias por la atencion a la presente.

Antonio Rodriguez

Quito Ecuador

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