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1999 Hurricane Season Has Begun
12:00 AM EDT - 1 June 1999

This year I will bet on at least one landfalling storm in Florda.

Does this seem like a stretch? Not really when you consider past years and the prediction for this year. Note I did not say how strong any said storm would be on purpose.

Dr. Gray's predictions are above normal and the La Nina pattern looks like it will hold through hurricane season which removes the surpressing effect of the El Nino event. Also remember, last year Florida had three (Thanks Tom Magnuson) landfalling storms. Earl, Georges, and Mitch. Figure in the climatological data on storms and Florida and you also have good support for my bet.

Today is the first day of the 1999 Hurricane season which lasts until November 30th. 1999 is predicted to be an above average year and the CFHC will be watching it throughout the year. More improvements to the site will be happening again in the future and thanks for all the comments. Please use the talkback capability on the stories whenever you have something to add or perhaps correct or comment on.

Currently it is quiet in the tropics, but the tropical situation may improve in the next few days, but without any disturbances with attached lows nothing will occur. So there is nothing currently being watched on the horizon.

Good luck to all in areas threatened by the Atlantic Hurricane basin!

- [mac]

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Last hurricane season (#1)
Posted by:
Thomas A. Magnuson
Posted On 10:30PM 01-Jun-1999 with id (QRXNQXVNRTNRT*)

You are right about hurricane Georges and Tropical Storm Mitch hitting Florida. However, you forgot one hurricane. I am a meteorology student at FSU in Tallahassee and remember Hurricane Earl striking Panama City in September and passing though this area quite well. I love you website and have checked in all the time since I found you guys last July. Keep up the good work and good luck during this upcoming season!!!!

Fixed! (#2)
Posted by:
Mike Cornelius [CFHC] (
Posted On 10:49PM 01-Jun-1999 with id (QUSNSVNPNVW*)

Thanks Tom, I fixed that in the article just now. I'm glad you like the page, I have spent almost too much time programming to make it easier to update and stay updated in the last few months than I care to mention.

- Mike C.

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