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Let's See Some Rain
Updated 5:11 PM EDT - Originally 12:32 PM EDT - 30 April 2001

5PM Update

Since the low near the Bahamas is starting to spin up the rain will start to come. We actually may see more rain tomorrow and through the week because of this, and the trough wanting to form into the Gulf of Mexico.

Then again, a lot of the rain may stay offshore as this thing creeps upwards. But it's a good shot for rain none-the-less. It may get even more breezy at the coast overnight. Possibly Gale force Wednesday/Thursday. I'm not sold on this quite yet, but it's something to watch. Could force some minor coastal flooding. We'll be on the ball on this one.

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Original Update:

That radar dome is out there getting some echos this afternoon!

The low's center is moving into the Bahamas, and will bring us some rain today, but not as much as I hoped for. Some rain has already popped up in places, mostly south of central Florida.

As the day progresses we will see more of it approach.

Rain bitte?

Here's another look at the low. If it were later in the Hurricane Season, it would probably wind up as a subtropical system. However as I've said before, water temperatures and other factors are not quite there yet and won't be until sometime in June.
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Subtropical (#1)
Posted by: Paul Sage
Posted On 05:45PM 30-Apr-2001 with id (VVNRPNQQVNQWW*)

Is this a subtropical depression? Or is it just too early?

Subtropical? (#2)
Posted by:
Mike C. ( Location: New Smyrna Beach, FL
Posted On 07:33PM 30-Apr-2001 with id (RPYNQUVNRTPNUT*)

Paul, not very likely. It's not out of the realm of possibilty. If it were June or July, the answer would have been quicker.

However, the model guidence is playing tricks. And we could see the gale type winds that I referred to in the article. If you wait until tomorrow I'll try to put up more thoughts on if this could happen.

If anything drastic changes, then I'll update the main page when I find out.


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