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11 Days in July...
11:51 PM EDT - 10 July 2000

...and nothing new. The subsidence continues to persist, and it still looks like a fairly dry July as far as Tropical Disturbances are concerned. I'm still not willing to place money on my bet that no named storms will form in July, but I'm definitely not going to throw that idea out yet.

We've added
webcams (and plan to add one or two more very shortly). These weather webcams are hosted on Flhurricane, and we offer space for yours too if you wish. (It gets you a flhurricane web directory and a email too) These are ran by us and you. Thanks to Jim F. for our newest webcam in Ft. Lauderdale. Since we have our own server dedicated to flhurricane now, we can do things like this. A special call goes out to anyone who knows of Michael Bryson. Last year he ran a really good website with updated maps and other data he created. Last I heard they ran into financial troubles of some sort and were unable to continue it. We can support that type of activity here server side if possible and offer space to anyone who shares the desire to get information out about Hurricanes and Tropical storms (without any obligations). Just let us know.

Condolences to Mike Anderson and his family for the loss of a loved one. Mike Anderson has helped us in the past on this site, and runs his own site The East Coast Tropical Weather Center. Mike's been controversial before (For example, the Floyd Predictions of last year... Currently the talkback articles aren't showing up in last years archives... I hope to fix this soon.), but always educational and interesting.

In other news, we've added even more links to the hurricane links page (mostly foreign language--German, French, and Spanish sites Note: I only know English, German, and C++), and by "popular-request" returned our old midi soundtrack to the main screen. (There is a link on the nav bar to the left) We're not going to use our old rotating Hurricane Erin radar graphic we did, since it's showing up on tons of pages now. (Including the NHCs!)

Any support for surf report updates related to Hurricanes on this site? Let us know by using the comment button.


- [mac]

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Inactive July (#1)
Posted by:
Ronn Raszetnik, Jr. ( Location: Largo, Florida
Posted On 07:13PM 12-Jul-2000 with id (QURNQVSNQXXNW*)

Looks like July will be relatively inactive. I still think the chances are pretty good for a named storm later in the month, but the real activity will begin in August. We'll probably have a season similar to last year.

The web cams are great!

Ronn Raszetnik, Jr.

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