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Events Coming Up
09:42 AM EDT - 08 May 2001

The 2001
Florida Governor's Hurricane Conference is coming up next week at the Tampa Convention Center. I can't make it this year (going to be in Los Angeles next week), but if anyone does go please let us know about it and we'll post info about it here. (Leave a comment or email)

Hurricane Awareness Week is May 21-25. The hurricane center has put together a good little reminded for this upcoming season here. And I plan to go along with their themes here during that week as well.

Start of the season events may include an irc chat here, and Jim Williams over at Hurricane City will be doing a live audio show as well.

We've added a few more links to our links page, and continue to work on the back end. We are getting things ready for the start of the season next month.

A reminder, though, we aren't an official source, we aren't an agency, we are just two individuals doing this site as a hobby (This will be our Seventh Season!), and we thank you for visiting.

If you know of any other events regarding hurricanes let us know and we'll announce it on this page as well.

- [mac]

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hello to all (#1)
Posted by:
gary Location: jacksonville
Posted On 12:56PM 08-May-2001 with id (RPUNQURNVUNR*)

I am sort of new to all of techniques used to deterimine what a hurricane will do, but i look at the satalite and there is a big huge cloud mass around 70, just west of the small islands. Could that become anything? Where are some good books that decribe how to get started in the hurricane tracking hobby?

Satellite (#2)
Posted by:
Mike C. ( Location: New Smyrna Beach, FL (Currently)
Posted On 07:10PM 08-May-2001 with id (RPYNQUVNRTPNTY*)

I think what you are mentioning on the satellite is a low pressure area that is moving away. Some of what to look for is the wind around it (shearing tears apart systems, and this time of year its usually too much for anything to get going) as well as the water temperatures, which aren't warm enough yet to sustain anything.

If it were July August or September you would be on track for pointing that out.

I don't know of any "tracking hobby" books, but there are a few good books on hurricanes. I've got a few listed in the general info section on the website, but I can probably point out the Encylopedia of Hurricanes on there which lists hurricanes and terms in a encyclopedia format. Pretty good, the other books on that page are all fairly good. If anyone else knows more, help us out.


Posted by:
Posted On 07:11PM 08-May-2001 with id (QURNQVSNQYUNRPQ*)

According to Dr.Grey in his updated April forecast the two suppressing influences of this year are a weak El Nino, this summer and an easterly QBO. The models have put off El Nino till August, at best. If this is true the only suppressing factor would be an easterly QBO. There are plenty of postive influences like below normal pressure in the Carribean and SST in the Atlantic. I think Dr. Grey will put one more name on his June forecast.

test (#4)
Posted by:
Mike C. ( Location: New Smyrna Beach, FL (Currently)
Posted On 08:58PM 08-May-2001 with id (RPYNQUVNRTPNTY*)

testing post

Test (#5)
Posted by:
John C ( Location: Cocoa
Posted On 09:01PM 08-May-2001 with id (RTNYUNRTPNQQV*)


Posting (#6)
Posted by:
Mike C. [CFHC] ( Location: Orlando, FL (Currently)
Posted On 08:29AM 09-May-2001 with id (VVNRPNQQYNVT*)

A few people trying to post here said they were having problems. So I did a few tests. I'm still tracking it down, but if you see an error trying to post let us know about it so we can track down the problem.


Low by Bermuda (#7)
Posted by:
Paul Location: Winter Springs
Posted On 11:30AM 09-May-2001 with id (RPVNRTVNRRPNQVY*)

That low near bermuda looks sweet revolvign. I think the waters too cold for it to do anything, though!!!

Bahamas (#8)
Posted by:
Mike C. [CFHC] ( Location: Orlando, FL (Currently)
Posted On 12:28PM 09-May-2001 with id (VVNRPNQQWNRQT*)

Paul, That low isn't anything tropical or subtropical. It's impressive looking yes, but can't be qualified that because it isn't a warm core system. (Water temps are too low as well, like you said)

Low (#9)
Posted by: Paul Location: Winter Springs
Posted On 03:11PM 09-May-2001 with id (RPVNRTVNRRPNQVY*)

So it's liek a Gale storm?

Test Test (#10)
Posted by: Gary B Location: Hernando Beach
Posted On 09:24PM 09-May-2001 with id (RTNQVTNVNYY*)


Tropical Development (#11)
Posted by:
Mark Location: Ft Myers Fla
Posted On 11:18PM 09-May-2001 with id (QRNWWNQSSNRTR*)

Hello everyone, Its nice to be back. As for any development now NO!!! Winds are to strong just about everywhere and waters are still too cool. I know its always exciting wanting it to start but noiw is the time to prepare before conditions do become more condusive.

Mark (#12)
Posted by:
Paul Location: Winter Springs
Posted On 09:43AM 10-May-2001 with id (RPVNRTVNRRPNQVY*)

When will it start to get going

NEAT??? (#13)
Posted by:
Posted On 06:41PM 10-May-2001 with id (QURNQVSNQYUNQXQ*)

Floyd was really neat but it caused alot of devastation. A whole town was lost. If it came on shore in Florida there would of been loss of lives. So if that is what you mean when you say "neat" forget it. Better to see Floyd out at sea then on land.

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