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First Day of East Pacific Hurricane Season
09:09 AM EDT - 15 May 2001

Today Marks the first day of the eastern Pacific hurricane season, which starts a half month earlier than the Atlantic. Activity in the Pacific seems nearly inversly related to the Atlantic. (If the Pacific is super busy, the Atlantic is a dud, and vice versa). Usually the Pacific has more storms, but most stay away from land. A few will threaten the Mexican shoreline, and some can get enormous. A few can even threaten Hawaii.

The names for the Pacific basin:

Adolph, Barbara, Cosme, Dalila, Erick, Flossie, Gil, Henriette, Israel, Juliette, Kiko, Lorena, Manuel, Narda, Octave, Priscilla, Raymond, Sonia, Tico, Velma, Wallis, Xina, York and Zelda.

Nothing there today, and nothing in the Atlantic either. The massive amount of shear (across most of the basin, except just around Central Ameria) will prevent anything from happening in the Atlantic for the next few weeks at least. Be glad it is shut down now, because it will change.

- [mac]

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El Nino (#1)
Posted by:
Posted On 07:46AM 17-May-2001 with id (QURNQVSNQYTNRPY*)

It doesn't look likely that a light to moderate El Nino will happen this summer. I was hoping it would because it tends to increase the chances of rain in the South. Here in South Florida we are way below normal in rainfall and desperately need some. If it doesn't happen what will it do to the Pacific as well as the Atlantic Hurricane season? Only can hope for some rain down here. Maybe an early tropical system will drench Florida.

stakes for 2001 rising (#2)
Posted by: HankFrank Location: Aiken, SC
Posted On 12:47AM 18-May-2001 with id (RPTNQQVNQVNYW*)

Just read something along the lines of Lonny's post. The climate prediction center's monthly long-range forecast has been shifting towards ENSO neutral all spring, now it says el nino is probably a non-player for the rest of the year. I have a hint that Gray will up his June forecast from April. For us CFHC frequenters, could mean more to gawk at this summer and fall. The report also mentioned that the Madden-Julian Oscillation may be active this summer. That's where my understanding ends, because I really don't know what MJO is, aside from it teleconnecting to the indian ocean, and having the ability to either shut off or set off hurricane activity. Well, if anybody wants to read this month's climate outlook, here's the link:
The report relates only to u.s. temps and precip, but we all know what el nino and la nina do to hurricane activity.

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