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Arlene Approaching Bermuda... Strengthening?
10:40 AM EDT - 15 June 1999

From the latest aircraft recon data, it appears arlene is a little stronger than what the advisories have been stating, closer to 45 Knots. On the west side, which would impact Bermuda more. Even with the shearing. Bermuda is currently under a Tropical Storm Watch, which will probably be upgraded to a Tropical Storm Warning soon with this new Recon data in the mix.

Currently Arlene is meandering southeast of Bermuda, chances are that Bermuda will see some impact. It is a low end Tropical Storm currently, but even these can be major pains. The future direction of Arlene depends a lot on a cold/stationary front inland near the east coast now. People in Bermuda should keep an eye out.

- [mac]

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you got the groovesssssssss,

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