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Pacific Hurricane Season
12:37 PM EDT - 22 May 2000

The first Tropical Depression in the Pacific has formed west of Mexico. Which means, that the tropics are starting to heat up. Our hurricane season will begin in little over a week.

CFHC Status. We have ordered a new server machine to be entirely dedicated to CFHC this year, and we will be setting this up hopefully by mid June. This means that the site will lack the great automated updates until the new server is up and running. This new server will allow us to do even more, and will allow us to host other hurricane related sites that want space. The new server will be located in Newport News, Virginia and will operate under our direct control. (more custom programming) We can't wait for this. Updates to the site will be slow until this is up and running. If a storm pops up before we get running with it, we can set up an ad hoc arrangement for a bit. Thanks for bearing with us as we recover from last year's cut off by our old hosting company. If you have any hurricane links or updates to our hurricane link list let us know!

- [mac]

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