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Arlene is Gone. Nothing much elsewhere
11:25 PM EDT - 17 June 1999

Arlene's last advisory was just made. Took a while, a total fish spinner storm that acted strangely at a strange place for June. A freak storm to some.

Other than the bit north of Hispaniola mentioned yesterday (Which still doesn't look like it will form) nothing much is going on. I do have to mention the amount of waves coming off of Africa in June. No storm from Africa on record has formed in the Central Atlantic during June. But water temps are still relatively cool out there, but if the pace keeps up July and August will be maddening.

Another weather note: rain, locally, has been very heavy today. With flash Flood Warnings issued for Brevard. Currently the rain has stopped.

Link to coordinate pairs of Arlene's Track

- [mac]

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Central Atlantic June Storms (#1)
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Posted On 05:48PM 18-Jun-1999 with id (QURNQVSNRPWNUW*)

In fact, two recorded storms have formed in the
Atlantic east of the Antilles in June--one in 1933, and Ana in 1979. Still, for only two recorded storms in over 113 years, it might as well be none.


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