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HAW: Inland Flooding
08:19 AM EDT - 23 May 2001

Today in Hurricane awareness week the spotlight is on
Inland Flooding.

Tropical Storm Alberto from a few years back is a good example. Never reaching hurricane strength, Alberto managed to flood out southwest Georgia in one of the worst floods there ever. Here in Florida, Lake Okachobee was home to a large flood caused by a hurricane. This was Florida's deadliest hurricane.

Nothing much going on in the tropics right now. We're still on track for no pre-season activity, and not much if anything for June. The AVN model still wants to form something off the tail end of the trough, however I can all but write it off. It has a few things going for it, but not enough to do much.

The atmosphere over the next few days will be able to support more storms (maybe not as strong as yesterday) giving us a good chance of rain.

- [mac]

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Today (#1)
Posted by:
Mike Cornelius [CFHC] ( Location: Orlando, FL (Currently)
Posted On 10:25AM 24-May-2001 with id (VVNRPNQQVNQQY*)

The update today won't come until later. Main news is that the system I talked about before (the low off a front) is just not going to happen.

test (#2)
Posted by:
Mike C. ( Location: Orlando, FL
Posted On 10:15PM 05-Jun-2001 with id (RPYNQUVNRTPNQQW*)


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