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No to Development
05:59 AM EDT - 30 June 1999

The system in the previous article has missed its opportunity to develop and has almost no chance of doing anything now.

Yesterday two impressive waves emerged from the African coast, but neither has managed to hold together well. It is still too early for these storms.

Nothing else seems interesting at the moment, but we'll keep watching, as always.

- [jc]

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W. Caribbean Wave (#1)
Posted by:
Colleen Atwater
Posted On 11:14AM 30-Jun-1999 with id (RPUNQXXNRPPNTV*)

I have to say that I agreed with your comments on this system..however, looking at it now, it looks as though it has flared up again with a big blob of convection. I guess I was writing this off too soon. But who knows?

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