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09:40 PM EDT - 06 August 2000

The Atlantic is really looking ready to go tonight. Besides Hurricane Alberto (Which seems to be heading more north again), we have two areas that really need to be watched.

One is in the western Caribbean, which tonight is looking better, and another Just NE of the Eastern Caribbean islands. All three of these areas require our attention over the next few days.

They are closer out than Alberto. Alberto seems like will have very little chance of impacting the islands (yay!). The western Caribbean disturbance has a chance to make it into the gulf, which makes this area a must watch for those in the area. And the storm nearing the islands is a wildcard.

Jim F. has put together a page with photos of 1999 Hurricane Irene aftermath in Ft. Lauderdale. Check it out here.

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Nice Satellite Image of Atlantic (IR Colorized)

Satellite images at: [N.A. visible] (visible -- Daytime Only) [N.A. infrared] (infrared), and [N.A. water vapor] (water vapor)--Nasa source.

Some Forecast models: (NGM, AVN, MRF, ECMWF, ETA)
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Still busy (#1)
Posted by:
Richard B ( Location: Gloucester, England, UK
Posted On 06:51AM 07-Aug-2000 with id (RQRNQSYNQWRNSR*)

Well Alberto has intensified again over the past 12 hours with winds of 90mph. But the latest forecast from NHC indicates he will turn more northerly in 48-72 hours, therefore sparing the Caribbean. Most models agree with this forecast, taking the system northwest then north within 72 hours. It looks like those in the Caribbean may start to relax a bit now!
However there are, as Mike says above, two other systems that need watching. The system to the north of the Lesser antilles is continuing to organise and i would not be surprised to see this develop into a tropical depression within a day or two. It already has a surface low, and convection is good with this system. It may also pull some energy from the system south of bermuda, which has flared up yet again! In my opinion people in the Bahamas and those of you in Florida may want to watch this area very closely, especially if it develops further.
And the area in the northwest Caribbean, associated with a tropical wave, also remains very active. Convection appears a little less organised than it did last night, but the system is entering a more favourable environment. I expect perhaps a little development, possibly a tropical depression, before the system passes over the Yucatan Peninsula. However i think that when it enters the Gulf of Mexico, it ciuld explode. SST's are high at around 28'c at least! This will encourage the convection, and with high level winds expected to become more favourable those in Yucatan, and those on the Gulf Coast might want to watch this area very closely!
Take care, and keep watching.

Tropical Development (#2)
Posted by: Mark Ruck Location: Ft Myers Florida
Posted On 07:20AM 07-Aug-2000 with id (QRNWWNQSRNQRV*)

Hello All,
Sorry I have been away all weekend and I see things are getting more interesting all over the Atlantic. I have read the note above from Richard and there is one thing to add. Its true the models are showing a nw-north turn on Alberto BUT the models have not handeled Alberto well at all and the axis of the trough to Alberto's northwest is at 44 degrees so unless it starts to make a north turn soon it may miss this trough and allow Alberto to return to a west track. Even the NHC is reporting that it may miss the trough on there 5am advisory so today could be the big day for Alberto and where he may go. As for all the other waves I am going to take the next 3-4 hours to get all the data since I have not been around this weekend and be back after the 11am advisory on Alberto. See ya then!!

WEB (#3)
Posted by: Tom
Posted On 03:52PM 09-Aug-2000 with id (QUVNVXNQQNWT*)

This an excellent web page. The people in Florida now have the ability to have a min by min forecast of the wheather. I believe that this is better than the wheather channel. Key up the good work. Thanks Tom

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