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Eye on the Cape Verde Islands
10:48 PM EDT - 05 July 1999

The tropical wave moving west several hundred miles southwest of the Cape Verde Islands is somthing to keep an eye on. I belive this may be our next depression.

We are having some technical problems with the auto-update on the printable tracking map and the storm spotlight. We are working the bugs out and hopefully it will be fixed by the next Tropical Depression. If not working keep trying back it should be fixed soon after the developement of the next depression.

- [jc]

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Why? (#1)
Posted by: Jack Tomlin
Posted On 06:42AM 06-Jul-1999 with id (RPYNRURNQWNS*)

Why do you think this will be the next depression and where will this one likely go?

Bret? (#2)
Posted by: Bill Andrews
Posted On 06:51AM 06-Jul-1999 with id (QSRNQWPNRTPNSP*)

I think this will become Bret and track pretty far west. The water temps seem marginally warm wenough right nw to support a depression and possibly a tropical storm.
Later on if it tracks enough west a hurricane. If that happens (since the bermuda high is in a different position m) it could become the first Hurricane of the season. Then it has the chance to threaten the NE Caribbean islands and possibly Peurto Rico.

From three who knows. Anyoner else think that the NE caribbean should watch out for this one, or am I jumping the gun?

BTW, this is a great site.

watch for next tuesday (#3)
Posted by:
bill roach
Posted On 11:24AM 06-Jul-1999 with id (RPUNQXXNQYSNUY*)

long term forecasts put this system marching across the carribean and not recurving. the story is the big high to the north that might push it all the way into the yucatan peninsula. the kicker is that a sharp , deep trough will dig it's way along the eastern states(not over the coast) next wed. and thursday. will the storm pick it up? also if the wave behind this one develops it will probably move on a higher longitude and will be picked up by the trough.

Trough (#4)
Posted by: Tommy Rich
Posted On 11:49AM 06-Jul-1999 with id (RPYNRURNQWNRV*)

Hmm, if this thing makes its way into the Caribbean without curving toward the north you are right it'll be interesting.

If the system were to curve before hitting the Yucatan it would place it in the gulf with not much to steer it.

Kinda early to talk about this long term when it still isn't a depression, though.

Wave (#5)
Posted by: Mike Anderson
Posted On 06:12PM 07-Jul-1999 with id (RPUNQXXNQYXNQVV*)

This wave is not going to become depression 3nor will it become TS2, wait till the middle of the month and you all will see more development from the african waves, till than ill greet you all from time to time in this comment room, But as far as the season , we are still looking at a very busy season this year and folk's along the south florida east coast should , now is the time to begin getting ready .

are you sure? (#6)
Posted by: clyde w
Posted On 09:12AM 08-Jul-1999 with id (TNQWNRUPNU*)

I don't know if you should write off the system entering the carribean just yet. Climo says storms don't develop in the eastern carribean, but conditions should be more favorable if it makes it to the western carribean (if the system slows down that is). I agree that this is going to be a very active season especially the cape verde season.

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