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Strong March Storms
05:10 AM EST - 03 March 2001

9PM Update

For more information and discussion regarding the northeastern US storm, I recommending visiting Gary Gray's
Millennium Weather at Specifically his forecast discussion located here . Looks like there is a decent possibility for a unique major snowstorm up there, so good luck all in the north.
Currently, Southern Georgia and the panhandle are getting hit with some very strong storms...

Original Update:

Sometimes some very destructive storms can form outside of the tropical season. These storms sometimes are called "Noreasters", and a situation is developing where the mid-atlantic and Northeastern states may be under the gun on one of these over the next few days. Causing a lot of beach erosion as well as the potential for damage. The low now in the Gulf of Mexico has a chance at becoming one of these systems, that may cause a great deal of snow and a lot of wind in the northeastern US. It may give Florida a small bit of rain before heading up the east coast.

I'm not as well educated on these systems, but in the past some have been surprisingly powerful. Folks may want to keep watch on this one. West coast Floridians may want to keep watch for coastal flooding-- Especially towards the panhandle. Wind damage is also possible.

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northeast storm (#1)
Posted by: Alex K
Posted On 12:07PM 04-Mar-2001 with id (VSNTRNQTQNQT*)

NBc appears to either be exaggerating or the storm has got to be quite powerful. What they said was basically that along with the heavy snow, hurricane force winds on the New jersey coast, 25 foot seas and a three to four foot higher than usual tide These are the storms that keep me buisy in the off season. Also, we are over half way between the end of the 2000 season, and the beginning of 2001

What Storm? (#2)
Posted by: Steve H. Location: palm bay
Posted On 12:21PM 05-Mar-2001 with id (QSRNRRXNWPNQX*)

Talking to people on LI and they are saying they have no snow. Mist and drizzle with the temperature hanging around freezing. That's trecherous, but temps are rising above 32/33/34 in many locations. If this storm doesn't get cooking soon, it may be a bust. Forecasters are beginning to lower their snow amounts now, not significantly, but they're leaving amounts up for now to cover themselves. They are also lowering the winds in at least the first period. I don't think this will be a non-event, but nothing is happening in the areas that were supposed to get clobbered. Thoughts. Cheers!!

conditions (#3)
Posted by: Alex K
Posted On 09:51PM 05-Mar-2001 with id (VSNTRNYNYP*)

I just checked the report out of Nantucket, Mass. The pressure is 29.05 inches and falling. The wind is gusting to 46mph. If anyone could give the conversion to millibars, that would be apreciated. Thanks!! Ps. this sight is awesome!!

Conversion Calculator (#4)
Posted by:
Tony P. (http://€) Location: Panama City
Posted On 02:35AM 06-Mar-2001 with id (RPYNRQTNTVNWU*)

For Alex K: 29.05" is 983.7543mb. For more info go to Scroll to "forecasting aids" and click on to "local version of calculator" for excellent tool for weather conversions. Also many excellent links on page. Hope you enjoy it!
Tony P.

Thank you (#5)
Posted by: Alex K
Posted On 07:51PM 06-Mar-2001 with id (VSNTRNQTQNQSY*)

A gratefull thanks, Tony P, and thanks for the web site, too.

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