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Tails... No Development. Another Wave Approaching the Western Caribbean
11:52 AM EDT - 18 July 1999

The wave talked about in the last few articles has just about made it to land without developing. It missed it's chance.

Just in case you weren't getting tired of this trend, we have another tropical wave in the East Caribbean moving toward the west that may have a chance to develop. We will be watching it again.

Bets anyone?

BTW, we fixed the date/time on this page. Oops!

- [jc]

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No Surprises -Yet (#1)
Posted by:
blossom (http://na)
Posted On 08:47AM 19-Jul-1999 with id (QRNWWNQVRNYS*)

After all the pre-season hoopla, it is like the most favored team in the nation. All PR and no game. This is the best way to have a tropical season. All party and no pain. Let's hope it keeps it up.

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