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Except for Northeast of the Caribbean it is Quiet Again
09:36 AM EDT - 31 July 1999

Short update. All the systems talked about in the previous articles never did anything. And once again the Atlantic is strangely quiet this time of year. Similar to last year when in the latter half of the season it cooked up again.

The only thing worth mentioning today is a system Northeast of the Leeward Islands that has very little chance of development, so I don't expect to see anything this weekend.

August starts the climatological ramp up to the peak of the season, so maybe within a week or two the activity may begin.

- [jc]

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Looking for something that will not be hard to find (#1)
Posted by: Mike Anderson
Posted On 10:15AM 01-Aug-1999 with id (RPUNQXXNQYSNTW*)

A short post this evening as i have other matters at hand, so let's get into it. We are now in August and things are just about the same, however a change is in the air as deep tropical moisture is now in place in the ITCZ

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