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Ig-Nor'easter... S-Nor'easter
08:42 AM EST - 07 March 2001

Writing From: Downtown Orlando, FL

The predicted storm did not pan out exactly as was forecast by some models, and thusly, the storm was not quite as bad for a lot of places, and a few places that forecasted snow had none at all.

We don't normally comment on winter storms for reasons like this (I understand them a lot less than Hurricanes), but the model projections were quite dramatic a few days ago.

In any case, snow lovers were left out in the cold, but many more rejoiced. We found out that all our projections are not belong to us.

We do have just shy of 3 months before the start of the 2001 season, and by all signs, I think it will be a relatively average year for storms. However, all it takes is one to make a year memorable, so the number of storms is really academic. Last year was a good example of what we want to see with no US landfalling hurricanes--better yet would be no landfalling major hurricanes anywhere.

I updated the
links page a bit and I again ask for help in finding good hurricane related links for this page. If you know of one that we don't have listed, email us or just leave a comment on this article.

- [mac]

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another one? (#1)
Posted by: Alex K
Posted On 04:29PM 17-Mar-2001 with id (VSNTRNQTTNUP*)

The weather channel is making another coastal low prediction, but this time further south. They do seem more careful in their forecast. I wouldn't blame them.

Gale (#2)
Posted by:
Rick D ( Location: St Pete
Posted On 05:24PM 17-Mar-2001 with id (RTNYRNQYRNRQV*)

There calling for a gale off the northeast coast of Florida by Tuesday.

Gale (#3)
Posted by:
Rick D ( Location: St Pete
Posted On 05:35PM 17-Mar-2001 with id (RTNYRNQYRNRQV*)

Check it out here

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