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Gulf, Dora, Africa
08:13 AM EDT - 15 August 1999

A quick update this morning.

The wave talked about yesterday has mostly come off Africa, but still has a ways to go before development may occur. It's still worth watching over the next few days.

An old frontal boundry is stalled in the Gulf of Mexico and some convection has been persisting in the area. Although it is too early to draw conclusions now, that's worthy of being watched.

Finally, a rare jump (for us) into the East Pacific, as Hurricane Dora nears Hawaii. Chances are low that it may effect Hawaii, but folks there (or if you have interests there) may want to watch it.

So still nothing happening in the Atlantic currently, but there are at least a few items worth watching.

- [jc]

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florida (#1)
Posted by:
joe vidulich Location: port charlotte
Posted On 09:57AM 15-Aug-1999 with id (RPWNSPNRUPNV*)

The large wave you mentioned did look more convectively active yesterday but there still more to this system over land. It appears to be part of a larger swirl over Africa. Unfortunately the activity diminishes on the north end when emerging over water. This has happened repeatedly this season. However the systems are creeping further north in time. Overall, the upper air pattern is becoming more favorable for next week. Joe...

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