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Bret Strengthening and TD#4 moving
09:18 AM EDT - 20 August 1999

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Short morning update:

Bret continues to linger in the Bay of Campeche gaining strength in lieu of the fact that Tropical Storm warnings remain in effect for most of the east coast of Mexico. The pressure has been dropping and the winds have gone up. The fact that it continues to stall is bothersome as well. Folks in the area, of course, should be vigilant.

TD#4 has maintained itself, or actually moved itself a little south. Some models that tended to turn it northward sooner are now backing off from that, so we may still have a long west tracker out of it.

In short, not too much of a change from yesterday.

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TS Bret (#1)
Posted by: SirCane Location: Pensacola, FL
Posted On 11:16AM 20-Aug-1999 with id (QURNQVSNQYUNQXR*)

People all along the gulf coast should moniter this thing(Bret), especially people in Texas and Lousiana, now that its moving North. This thing will become a Hurricane.
TD #4 will need to be watched, it has jumped south.

Bret Is Intensifying (#2)
Posted by: clyde w. Location: orlando
Posted On 11:48AM 20-Aug-1999 with id (TNQWNRUPNU*)

Bret will be a hurricane by tonight, and could be a Cat. 2 before making landfall. South Texas should start preparing, they have not seen a landfalling hurricane in many, many years-I think the last threat to that area was Allen in 1980. TD #4 will be a tropical storm by tomorrow night or Sunday, but it's just too early to make an accurate guess as to where it will go or how strong it might get.

tsbret and td#4 (#3)
Posted by: steve hirschberger
Posted On 11:49AM 20-Aug-1999 with id (QSRNRRXNWPNQX*)

do any of the models put bret or td#4 in the Florida neighborhood during the next 10 days; what's the longterm outlook? Seems bret is moving northward and the general flow of convection in the gulf is to the NNE. A trough is predicted to move into north FL Sunday with SW flow ahead of it. Will bret be influenced by the trough or is it too far away? Nogaps earlier had bret moving east; any possibility it could?

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