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Possible Hurricane Bret soon - still trending North.
04:15 PM EDT - 20 August 1999

Very quick update. Looks as if Bret will be upgraded to a hurricane tonight. And it's still moving northward. Visible satellite pictures seem to indicate an eye attempting to form. People in Texas and the Western Gulf need to pay attention to this one VERY closely, especially if no trends to the west develop by Sunday or so.

The main thing driving Bret at the moment is an upper-level trof which moved into Texas and Mexico yesterday. If this system stops moving away from Bret, it will drive it more northward. And a category 2 Hurricane is not out of the question. There is an upper level low west of Bret as well. If this low were to sink then we could get explosive strengthening in the system. This is also something to watch out for.

More later...

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Posted by: Mike Anderson
Posted On 08:09PM 20-Aug-1999 with id (QURNQVSNRQSNXT*)

Well i really do have to take my hat off to BRET as it has done some things that have been strange ,anyway the systen is well on it's way of reaching hurricane status if it has not already, BRET has been moving north since last night and i really dont see anything to change that so it's time for the people along the texas coast to begin hurricane prep's ,as far as the system turning more east , well that also very possible but i dont really want to make that call at this time, Now on to CINDY , as i posted last night has gained tropical storm status , i can only tell you this, the system has all the potential to really get going over the next day or two, as far as the oncoming trough picking up the system that seems to be less a factor today as it was thought to be last night, the east shear has helped to push the system more south out of the way of the trough , this system will really have to be watched, BRET is getting the attention as well he should be , but again CINDY is going to be a big player in this coming week's weather keep an EYE on it , Mike Anderson florida wx.

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