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Debby Falls Apart
11:19 PM EDT - 23 August 2000

5AM Update

Debby is still barely holding on just south of the eastern edge of Cuba. The NHC thinks that it could restrengthen later after going through some shear. So it may degrade to an untracked wave later but has a chance to reform and affect the Gulf somehow.

Expect the unexpected.

Original Update:
:Not much to write tonight other than the fact that Debby is looking very very poor this evening. It's very hard to see where the storm center is on the infrared satellite (In fact there is no clue whatsoever if you hadn't seen previous images). The surprise "kick" that the low level circulation received was not forecast. Therefore Debby has to now cross Cuba if it wants to Survive. If it does survive it then has the chance to regenerate. What a change from last night. This is amazing in itself, yet another oddity in the year of oddities this hurricane season.

It did affect Florida by causing Evacuations and school closings in the keys, and it may not be done yet. Very long range models suggest if it survives, that it get carried back into the gulf.

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NRL Monterey Marine Meteorology Division Forecast Track of Debby (Good Forecast Track Graphic) Français -- L'information sur des ouragans comprenant beaucoup de liens. Español -- Gran información sobre huracanes aquí.

Crown Weather Services Tropical Update (Includes Map with multiple forecast model tracks)
Snonut's Hurricane Reports
Weathervine Storm Intercept Team's Audio and Video broadcasts
Live Webcam image from Florida Emergency Management's Emergency Operations Center
Florida Emergency Management Activation Page / Situation Updates
Nice Satellite Image of Atlantic (IR Colorized)

Satellite images at: [N.A. visible] (visible -- Daytime Only) [N.A. infrared] (infrared), and [N.A. water vapor] (water vapor)--Nasa source.

Some Forecast models: (NGM, AVN, MRF, ECMWF, ETA)
DoD weather models (NOGAPS, AVN, MRF)

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Stand by (#1)
Posted by: Brian Location: Hollywood, Florida
Posted On 12:58AM 24-Aug-2000 with id (QSWNURNRPPNX*)

At 1:00 p.m. yesterday, August 23, I claimed "If a new eye wall does not fall to sea level from the upper and mid level rotation, I believe we may be dealing with a strong depression or weak T.S. by morning." Good night from South Florida, and best of luck to all those from Galveston to Pensacola...I think Camille's sister is coming :(

Plot Thickens (#2)
Posted by: Steve H.
Posted On 07:22AM 24-Aug-2000 with id (QSRNRRXNWPNQX*)

Actually, looks like Debby is getting her act together again. Deep convection is refiring and she is beginning to pull moisture towards her "center". If she builds she will be pulled back across CUba (western) and if well-defined enough, get caught in the trough forecast to move to the SE US and possibly head into the west FLorida coast. Again this is a possibility, but she looks better this morning than in the past 24 hours. Wait and See. Cheers!

New Depression forming? (#3)
Posted by:
Bruce Location: Palm Bay Florida
Posted On 07:55AM 24-Aug-2000 with id (RPUNQXXNQYSNTV*)

I have noticed at about 45w-20n a flare up of thunderstorms. Their seems to be rotation with this Tropical Wave. Has anyone else noticed this? Could this be our next Tropical Storm?

Debby (#4)
Posted by:
Richard Byett ( Location: Gloucester, England, UK
Posted On 08:00AM 24-Aug-2000 with id (RQRNQSYNQXTNSS*)

I agree that Debby looks to be getting a little more organised this mornig. Both visible and Ir imagery indicate convection flaring up near the centre. However i would not be surprised to see her weaken into a Depression today. Despite this i think she wont be done then! give her to tomoro evening (friday evening) and i think we will be looking at Tropical Storm Debby.... her west motion will help to take the centre farther from land, and give her chance to reorganise. This will hapen before she takes her NW turn, and i think she will be a strong TS or possibly a hurricane when she skirts the western tip of cuba later this weekend. As for the Gulf and Florida.... well it seems as if florida has exscaped a direct hit from Debby for the time being. However when she enters the Gulf i think we will see a eastern Gulf Coast Landfall, as a hurricane with wind of at least 100 mph. Obviously this is only a guess, and Debby needs to hold together for the next 30 hours too>

Upper Level Swirl Behind Debby (#5)
Posted by:
Mary Location: LAkeland
Posted On 08:25AM 24-Aug-2000 with id (QRNWWNQVRNQQY*)

I have noticed this swirl in the Area to the East, also. The convection is east of the spin. But, who knows with this weird atmosphere. I think the Bermuda triangle monster is playing with the storms this year.

Debbie, making a comeback? (#6)
Posted by:
Frank Pellegrino
Posted On 08:47AM 24-Aug-2000 with id (QRNQSNRTXNT*)

Watching the NRL loop this morning sure looks like Lil Deb is trying to get her makeup back on! Could this could be the beginning of her redevelopment?

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