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Wet and Stormy End of March
07:40 PM EST - 28 March 2001

11AM Update 29-March:

The severe weather is heading our way today, with plenty of watches and warnings to look at. (Including Tornadoes) We'll be watching closely today, though. With a fairly large line moving across right now, that will be the one to watch.

Original Update

The end of this week, and of March will be fairly stormy, with the chance for some severe weather in the mix as well. I don't think we'll see anything major. March storms can bring surprises, though. We need more rain, and this past year even this is news to us in Central Florida.

We've updated our webcam page with a new look and have are downtown Orlando cam up and running properly now. Check out our
Webcam page for that.

In a few weeks, The next round of predictions will arrive from Gray and co in Colorado State University. I don't really predict any major movement one way or the other from the earlier projections.

- [mac]

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Severe Weather (#1)
Posted by: Colleen Location: Lakeland
Posted On 09:56AM 29-Mar-2001 with id (QURNQVSNRPQNRPW*)

I think we're going to see more than our fair share of severe weather today....a Severe TS Watch has been issued from Jax to Tampa and all points in between until 2:00pm....The problem I see right now is the bright, beautiful sunshine that will only add to our problems later.

Gully Wash in Volusia (#2)
Posted by: Kentucky "D" Location: New Smyrna Beach
Posted On 01:44PM 29-Mar-2001 with id (RPYNQUVNRTPNQR*)

Kentucky "M" departs tomorrow, early AM, for B'ville SC. What's the weather forecast for I-95 in Georgia and SC? Kentucky "M" will be traveling with Aunt "L" and Aunt "J" and will be returning Monday.

At 12:30 PM, this day a violent thunder storm hit NSB, i.e., a real "Gully Wash".

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