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A Turn to the North May have Begun
07:40 AM EDT - 28 August 1999

Although we cannot say all clear for Florida still, good news (for us) has come in the form of the storm appearing to move more Northwest than West overnight.

Of course, for our friends in SC/NC, this is not good news so they need to continue watching it.

Hurricane Watches and Tropical Storm Warnings are still up for the coast, however, and we are still likely to get some squalls later today and tomorrow. And of course, if this decides to make a jog back to the west (it's still moving at an almost glacial rate) we will be in the woods again. Until it is North of Daytona and a good distance away from us, do not let your guard down.

During times like these, sites such as ours tend to get overloaded. And therefore I suggest getting a few links for other sites if you have not. Also if an advisory (such as strike probabilities) is not showing up correctly here, then you can look at the Storm Spotlight page to find alternate sources for the advisory text. Of course, the
National Hurricane Center/Tropical Prediction Center and The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). If that fails use other links.

Bouy Report from Bouy East of KSC/Cape Canaveral.

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For more information on Cindy see the Current Storm Spotlight for Cindy.
For more information on Dennis see the Current Storm Spotlight for Dennis.
For more information on Emily see the Current Storm Spotlight for Emily.
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- [mac]

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Posted by: Mike Anderson
Posted On 09:59AM 28-Aug-1999 with id (RPUNQXXNQYWNUX*)

Goodmorning i have been going over all the information i can muster up and i have to say that im now going with the nw movement just yet, looking at the latest loop DENNIS appears to be bending back to the west in responce to the short wave over AL, the system is really starting to blow up now than that could account for the short NW jont, i need to see a bit more before i take florida off the hook just yet, i will tell ya that this system is going to really drive me crazy ill be back to let you know about this west bend, Mike anderson Florida WX.

where is evryone (#2)
Posted by: robert
Posted On 12:03PM 28-Aug-1999 with id (QYYNRRWNQSQNRRT*)

hello hello out there is anyone out there.

quiet almost to quiet if you ask me.


Posted by: Mike Anderson
Posted On 01:43PM 28-Aug-1999 with id (QURNQVSNRPWNUS*)

Good afternoon im sorry i have not posted in some time , but i had to get some rest as i have been tracking DENNIS for the last 4 days now, I am verry happy to report to you that DENNIS will not come as close to STUART as i have been forecasting over the last few days , rather i am going back to my first forecast calling for the brush, DENNIS will slow down again but im now sure it will not impact south florida, ill be back later tonight Mike Anderson Florida WX.

Time to start looking at the Bay of Campeche AGain! (#4)
Posted by: mary
Posted On 01:51PM 28-Aug-1999 with id (QRNWWNQVRNQQW*)

I have been watching the Bay of Campeche in the last 24 hours and there is a tropical disturbance building there. I wonder if there is enough atmosphere for The F - storm to get going and be dragged over Central Florida through the Eastern Gulf of Mexico. The F- name eludes me right now.

Floyd (#5)
Posted by: Charles
Posted On 02:08PM 28-Aug-1999 with id (RPTNQQPNRPXNQTQ*)

Hi Mary,

Floyd is the F storm. The NHC is watching the bay, not concerned at this time.

Mike, what do you think will happen next with reference to the upper low over S Al and interaction with the storm? Do you think it may yet stall off N Fla. ??

Some of the models even take it to off NC, and then loop it back to Fl over the next week! Comments?

Dennis and Bay of Campeche (#6)
Posted by:
Ronn Raszetnik, Jr. Location: Largo, Florida
Posted On 02:20PM 28-Aug-1999 with id (RPWNVYNTTNUP*)

The latest visible satellite imagery indicates that Dennis is now moving toward the north-northwest just as expected. Florida will escape the wrath of the storm but coastal areas across north-central Florida may experience some tropical storm force winds, especially in outer rain bands. Dennis is now a big threat to the Carolinas where he may eventually landfall in a couple days. I do think that there is a chance that Dennis could curve northeast and miss the U.S. entirely, but don't count on it. Dennis should continue strengthening, likely attaining Category 3 status.

As for the Bay of Campeche disturbance, I don't see anything remotely threatening in appearance at this time and I highly doubt that anything will develop. The shortwave trough north of the disturbance is impinging on the system, hence development is unlikely. If something was to develop, it would probably move into the eastern Gulf of Mexico, but I don't foresee any development at this time.

Dennis's Movement (#7)
Posted by:
Ronn Raszetnik, Jr. Location: Largo, Florida
Posted On 02:29PM 28-Aug-1999 with id (RPWNVYNTTNUP*)

Hey Charles,

Your comment as to Dennis potentially looping back into Florida reminds me of Hurricane Gordon in 1994. Gordon looped around off the coast of the Carolinas and moved into east-central Florida after previously striking southwest Florida! Hurricane Gordon had to be the most erratic and unpredictable storm ever! The prospect for Dennis looping back into Florida is not totally out of the question at this point. I can see how this scenerio could set up, but I will say that it is unlikely, although definitely not impossible.

Ronn Raszetnik, Jr.

Dennis's Movement (#8)
Posted by: Charles
Posted On 02:39PM 28-Aug-1999 with id (RPTNQQPNRPXNQTQ*)

Hi Ronn,

I well remember Gordon. As for then possibility of Dennis doing the same, I doubt it, but with hurricanes you can never tell!


Posted by: Mike Anderson
Posted On 04:18PM 28-Aug-1999 with id (RPUNQXXNQYSNQXS*)

Well just as i was getting ready to throw my forecast out the window i find i can not at this time,DENNIS is forming a secound eye at this time , now what that means is that DENNIS will expand and it is very possible that hurricane conditions could impact the florida coast even with the center never getting any closer than it is now, i have seen this kind of thing happen with Noreasters, as they sat several hundread miles off the New england coast and expanded so far west that snow had fallin at a rate of 5 incher an hour, now in not talking snow here but the real oossible threat that this system is really expanding outward, ill keep you posted Mike Anderson Florida WX

Great website (#10)
Posted by: Richards Location: Orlando
Posted On 05:36PM 28-Aug-1999 with id (RTNYUNRTSNUW*)

All the links a weather junkie should ever need are right here. Also, the comments here have been quite interesting. Is there any possibility that Mike Anderson from Florida WX could post some information regarding his credentials and/or degrees earned?

Posted by: Mike Anderson
Posted On 05:49PM 28-Aug-1999 with id (RPUNQXXNQYSNQVW*)

I have been looking at the radar and the western edge of the Hurricane has expanded to FREEPORT in the BAHAMAS now, DENNIS is forming what i thought ,another eye wal on the western flank of the 1st eye wall, we should begin to see rain and winds begin to pick up along the coast , this supports my very first forecast 4 days ago , on a brush, some winds now reported in FREEPORTare gusting to 79mph, this is the area im expecting to keep expanding west , ill be baclk Mike Anderson florida Wx.

Mike (#12)
Posted by: Jack Norman Location: Oak Hill, FL
Posted On 06:46PM 28-Aug-1999 with id (RPXNQTNTQNVT*)

Very intersting Mike. I'm very curious as to what your credentials are as well.

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