Post-Tropical Cyclone Arlene (2017)
04/21 11:00 AM EDT - Arlene Merges With A Large Extratropical Cyclone
39.3N 49.9W
Windspeed: 50 MPH - Pressure: 995mb
Movement: Sw at 23 MPH
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National Hurricane Center 5 Day Plot for Arlene.

National Hurricane Center Hurricane Wind Probabilities for Arlene National Hurricane Center Hurricane Wind Probabilities for Arlene
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Probability Cone

Wind Swaths

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Coordinate History

Adv# Date Lat Long Wind Pres Movement Type Name Received Forecaster
104/19 11:00 AM31.9N40.9W35MPH995mbNne at 8 MPHsubTDOne04/19 10:38 AMAvila
204/19 5:00 PM32.4N40.0W35MPH996mbN at 12 MPHsubTDOne04/19 4:38 PMAvila
304/19 11:00 PM33.2N39.3W35MPH996mbNe at 12 MPHsubTDOne04/19 10:41 PMCangialosi
404/20 5:00 AM34.4N39.3W35MPH996mbN at 14 MPHsubTDOne04/20 4:42 AMStewart
504/20 11:00 AM36.1N40.0W35MPH996mbNw at 14 MPHTDTD#104/20 10:56 AMAvila
604/20 5:00 PM37.7N42.0W45MPH993mbWnw at 25 MPHTSArlene04/20 4:38 PMAvila
704/20 11:00 PM39.4N44.2W50MPH993mbNw at 28 MPHTSArlene04/20 10:44 PMBeven
804/21 5:00 AM40.0N48.0W50MPH993mbW at 31 MPHTSArlene04/21 4:44 AMStewart
904/21 11:00 AM39.3N49.9W50MPH995mbSw at 23 MPHPTCArlene04/21 10:44 AMAvila